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5 people who became social media stars overnight & we wish koi hume bhi viral karde!

The Internet can make or break things in a matter of a few seconds!

Who doesn’t like fame? And we all have at least wished once in a lifetime to be a celebrity.  But it is the dream seldom achieved. From a wink that changed our lives to “Hello friends chai pi lo” all of these viral social media stars have blessed our feeds. In this era of internet , any person can become a famous personality within no time. Every day we come across some viral stories ruling our social media’s timeline and feeds.

Here are 5 social media stars who became viral overnight.

1. Happy Zomato rider

A video of a happy Zomato rider has gone viral in all social media platforms. The rider is a delivery executive identified as Sonu. The riders smiling face won the hearts of social media users.

2. Famous Paraglider: Yaar land karade

People all over social media are relating to the words spoken by the man in the video. The paraglider is identified as Vipin Sahu who belongs to UP and apparently has a fear of heights. In an interview, 24-year-old, Vipin said, he was overwhelmed by the response and he was glad that he could make everyone laugh.

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3. Hello Friends Chai pii lo

Somvati Mahavar became famous with her video offering cup of tea saying, “Hello friends chai pi lo”. No doubt, Chai wali aunty has become the queen of memes.

4. Dancing Uncle

Dancing uncle identified as Sanjeev Srivastava is a professor. Mr Srivastava became an instant internet star when his dancing video got viral. His cool moves have earned all the attention and video went viral.

5. Maaro mujhe maaro

This person got famous when he said, “Maaro Mujhe Maaro” when Pakistan lost the world cup to India.

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