To-be-parents facing sleeping issues?

Many soon-to-be parents face insomnia during prenancy

According to a recent study, many women along with their partners face sleeping issues during pregnancy.

Where sleep is a necessity for pregnant women as it helps in the better growth of the unborn, some women face completely sleep deprivation along with their male partners during pregnancy. It could also be an indicator of depression.

A senior author from Helsinki University Hospital in Finland, Tiina Paunio said that more than half of the pregnant women admit that they are not able to have sufficient sleep during night.

They either face insomnia or a little sleep if tried. Approximately, 15% of the men reported insomnia during their partner’s pregnancy whereas women’s ratio to the disorder is close to 12%.

To-be-parents facing sleeping issues?
Women and partners face insomnia during pregnancy

Paunio added, “It is yet to be seen how symptoms of insomnia and depressed mood affect the health of the parents in (the) postpartum period as well as that of the offspring in our sample.”

During the last few months of the pregnancy, 8 of every 10 women complain about insomnia. While in the third trimester, women are hardly able to lie on their sides and face back ache, depriving them from sleeping on their back. Whereas, due to major hormonal changes in ones body, trips to the restroom are more frequent.

Pregnant women are easily disturbed in sleep, even the slightest of noice or light could tick them off.

The frequent clamps doesn’t help either. Consumption of healthy food and exercise on the regular basis is recommended for pregnant women for fighting insomnia.

Most people prefer to keep laying in the comfort of their bed even when not sleeping which further leads to insomnia (treatment with

If not sleeping, pregnant women should get up and involve themselves in some more productive work which will eventually tire them out and help them sleep.

If situations are severe, consulting a gynecologist or a shrink is recommended.

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