Papa kehte hai, “Beta Samosa Le ana”: 8 things every Indian father does!

Here is why ‘He’ is our world? 

We all have countless reasons to say Love you papa as he dedicates his whole life to make our life. Writing volumes is not enough to express your love for him but then, you can always take out some time to make him feel special.

Well, fathers are the unsung heroes and they definitely deserve their due credit. There is something special about desi fathers. The way he brags about his ‘Jawani ke din’ is oh- so – interesting thing. He has given us his entire life and he deserves his due credit.

Now, it’s time to make his life easy and give him all those things that he deserves. He is aging and with the passage of time, he has become a stubborn kid of our family.  He shouts, he fights but he is the one who makes our house a home.

things every Indian father does
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Here are 8 things that every Indian father does and you will definitely relate to it.

1. He will pretend to use facebook and Whatsapp like a pro: He will behave that he knows everything about technology. He will use Facebook and WhatsApp and will end up irritating us.  He will ask a lot of questions about comments and likes. He will end up making some wrong comments, and then, he will say, “Beta yeh delete nhi ho Raha hai.”

2. The way he brags about his Jawani ke Din:  He keeps on bragging about his Jawani Ke din and we find it aww- dorable.  He keeps on bragging about his Jawani Ke din and we just love it. Like he says, “Tumhari Umar mai toh hum 15 rotiyaan kha leta hai.”

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3. He just loves food and can never say ‘NO’ to it:  He just loves eating food and he can’t say no to it. Moma tells him not to eat oily food but he just can’t resist. He tells us, ‘Beta aate waqt Samosa le ana.”

4. He always takes our side: Whenever we mess up with our mother he always takes our side. Basically, Me+ Papa VS Moma = Third World War

5. He never leaves a chance to take a dig at our Masi and Mama: He keeps on teasing our moms. He never leaves a chance to take a dig at Masi and Mama.

6. A newspaper is his ‘Jaan’: Dare! We touch his newspaper.  The newspaper is not a mere piece of paper. It is his jaan.  Nobody dares to touch his newspaper

7. Kaise gaane sunte ho tum log: He keeps telling us there is no depth and meaning in today’s generation music. His era was the best and every Sunday he force us to watch – Deewar or Sholay, seriously?

8. He has taught us to do a lot of ‘ Mehnat’:  He always tells us to do a lot of hard work and we really want to thank him for this.  Because hard work is the only thing that guarantees success verna “Baap ki paise toh sabhi uda lete hai”.

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