Pandemic has increased loneliness in people

Will the loneliness of the Corona era spoil us or embellish us?

On the occasion of the sixth International Yoga Day, the President of the United Nations General Assembly said that Covid-19 (Corona) has disrupted life, increased loneliness, and caused anxiety. Corona affected everyone’s lives. Millions of people lost their lives, people became unemployed, victims of depression. People had to face a lot of problems. During the Corona period, there was a large increase in the number of suicides in Japan. In such a situation, in view of the increasing cases of suicide, the Government of Japan took an important step. The government has appointed a minister to overcome loneliness, that is, the Minister of Loneliness. A ministry was also created for this.

What is loneliness?

Loneliness is a kind of feeling. During this time the person feels unhappy. They stay alone rather than in a group. They do not feel like doing anything, most of the time they have feelings of irritability and anger.

Loneliness impacted mental health

The corona epidemic has not only affected people’s bodies but also their minds. Adherence to continuous lockdown or corona prevention measures, fear of infection, and tragic information received day and night due to the epidemic are making many people a victim of mental stress. Several reports suggest that the number of psychologists seeking help during the epidemic has also increased rapidly. The uncertainty of worldwide lockdown has adversely affected the mental health of a large number of people. Although post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often associated with war, it can also happen to people who have experienced traumatic experiences such as an accident or an epidemic. Several reports are predicting signs of PTSD in many people coming out of lockdown. Even if they are not clinically diagnosed, those people may suffer from strong emotional stress that may persist for a long time after the epidemic is over.

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What can be done to cure loneliness

These methods will be helpful in beating your loneliness in the corona epidemic.

1. Emotional Safety Net Can Help Eliminate Loneliness: To avoid this kind of problem, we can either create an emotional safety net or join such groups. Such groups consist of the same type of thinking people. In this way, they can share their emotions with other peers. With this, they will feel mental peace. It can be from group friends and relatives. Such remedies can help remove loneliness.

2. Chat through video chat call: In such a situation, most people are alone in their homes. In this situation, stress should not dominate you so that you can use this free time. For this, in your spare time at home, you can call those people who have not been able to talk for a long time due to being busy. At this time, you can freshen your mood by gossiping with your loved ones, friends who live far away, through video chat or call.

3. Visit the world of virtual books: If you like to read, then this time can give you a tour of the world of virtual books. A virtual book is the best way to keep you busy and entertain you. This gives you encouragement and you can also increase your information.

4. Choose Online Dating Options: The fear of infection with the coronavirus has left us alone, but we have to find ways to make life better. In such a situation, when you are alone at home, then the option of online dating may be better for you. Through this, you can get to know your partner. You can plan ahead and share the important moments of life, your beautiful memories. In this way, you will experience the company by staying away and stay away from stress.

5. Develop a new hobby: During this time you can fulfil your hobby. This free time will be very beneficial for you to do new creative works. In this time you can improve your skills. You can fulfil your hobby by singing your songs, dancing, gardening, or writing something new. In such a situation, this time can prove to be a boon for your mental health.

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