PACH Your Emotions Out

PACH Your Emotions Out

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 PACH Your Emotions Out

“A little about poetry, a lot about life”


“Scribble out your laughter, rhyme away your pain.
PACH awaits your verses, waste not a word in vain.”


Residing in hearts of hundreds of people, PACH never expected the love it has won from people coming from extremely different backgrounds. It started some 7 months back and since then it has touched hearts of more than 200 people. “To be true, it started with the aim of finding a medicine for boredom.” said Saumya Kulshreshtha and Anup Bishnoi, the mind and soul behind PACH.


In the beginning, PACH was a group of friends hastily called together, at a randomly picked venue, not all of whom were poets, “As days progressed, this little warm place of ours started expanding and accommodating diverse expressions. What it has transformed today is beyond any of our imaginations” adds Saumya. She proudly says that PACH has grown enough to find a permanent place in hearts of people, of which they are really proud.


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On wondering what exactly the word ‘PACH’ meant, Saumya explained how her partner in crime, Anup Bishnoi, found out this term. “You will get a funny feeling when you realize it is actually the sound of shit falling on the floor. The acronym is a result of some clever reverse engineering by Anup, back in his IIT KGP days, which was actually the place to which PACH owes its humble origin.”


As time passed by, new faces started turning up for PACH, driven by little other than the love for poetry. People here feel ensconced in a womb of love. They believe it is a place where they can come and express what they generally cannot in their daily lives, away from sickening pace of life, and at the same time find a bunch of people who are willing to listen to their most intimate thoughts, without questioning character or anything like that. “Many found a home, a family in PACH. I came with a friend of mine to PACH, and since then I have been thanking my friend. I came alone, but when I left the place I was taking a family along.” says SudhanshuTiwari, a student in Delhi, and a member of PACH.


“The meaning of life has just been left as a race, where no one has time to listen to their own hearts. And in mid of such scenario, Saumya and Anup have taken out an excellent medium for every one of us, to know ourselves and express. And it is amazing that people over here listen to your stories with open heart and welcome you for what you are. You can be rid of masks here.” says Dipalie Mehta, another member of PACH.


It is not compulsory to be a poet in PACH, if you can scribble somewhere on your notebook or save it on your mobile whatever you feel, you just recite it anytime here. Many are absolutely amazing poets, who leave you with a thought and inspiration to write well and to experiment with different styles of writing, and that’s how other member’s starts writing from scratch to something that leaves you awestruck. “We have never judged anyone for what they write. For us, the fact that they write and chooses to share it with us is enough. We do not teach but learn together. A little about poetry, a lot about life” says Saumya. Recently, they have come up with newsletter, pledge for their regular and new members,



“Your expression is our treasure, so there is Poetry everywhere.
It’s in forever-hidden diaries, it’s in forgotten margins of besotted letters,
in scratched sentences on broken benches,
in flowery pages, in long-lost ages,
in the influence of booze, on the walls in public loos,
in two split parts, in two split hearts,
in listless eyes, in love, in sighs,
poetry is everywhere.”
And PACH is where poetry finds expression.There is poetry in you. Let’s PACH it out together.” says Anup and Saumya, ending the conversation with us.

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