Vipin’s View Finder : Couture By Mayyur


Mayyur Girotraa Collection

This collect ion is inspired from Mughal and Victorian Era, and the embroidery designs are inspired from different architectural patterns of different palaces in India.

The silhouettes are very modern. Jackets and Anarkalis have been more focused upon, in terms of embellishment and the whole collection is made with velvet and silk fabric. Zari and Gota are used for embroidery with main colors being red, coral, yellow and peach.

Concept by VIPIN GAUR

Since the garments are very beautifully designed and look glamorous, I didn’t want the focus to shift from them hence, the backdrops were subtle and in base colours of brown.
Hotel Aman proved out to be the right venue option as it offered us aesthetically done corridors and stairs for a contemporary feel.
I wanted the make-up to bring out the couture feel in the garments and Niti was completely in sync. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Make-up by NITI LUTHRA

We did a very glamorous makeup. Mostly smoky and coal eyes were done. Lip colors were very international, which included red, brown and nude. We used very high fashion hairdos likewise structured, curly and so on.

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