Astrology: 8th Sept- 14th September

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Astrology: 8th September – 14th September

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Students of this sign will be able to concentrate at their work in better way. Gain from unexpected source may knock your door. Obstacles on your way of getting positive results also cannot be denied. Diabetic may expect fluctuation in their sugar report. Messing up with partner or spouse in this period may distort the scene beyond repair.


Taurus: More than one reason can make you way smarter than what you think of yourself. You will be in the mood of pointing too much in most of the affairs going around. Such situations will not only disturb you, this can surround you with negativities. There is possibility of facing problems related to plumbing. Workplace won’t look pleasant in this period.


Gemini: Malefic planets will make you restless for insignificant cause. Younger siblings or neighbours may become the reason of concern in this week. Destiny will knock door from everywhere. It’s time for you to get up and grab the opportunity. Renovating home or changing furniture, car may be in your list. Mother’s health will disturb you.


Cancer: Your words can be harsh in your dealing. But your outlook and approach won’t match your words. Success may come on your way in this period. Marital life seems disturbed due to your rash temperament. You may earn as well as spend money equally in this week. Students will be having good time in this period.


Leo: Your lord with one of your significant planet will provide you luck. Financial growth will be experienced in this period. You will dominate your spouse. You may have trust issue even with your loved ones. Your mother may have ill health. Friendship from other community people as well as benefit from them too, can be experienced.


Virgo: Week will begin with same note. But your level of confidence seems strong as week advances. Your professional area will also improve in comparison of previous few weeks. A great relief in your approach towards will be found. Your public image is active , this depends on your personal running period, if it’s positive then you are definitely going to achieve recognition among your people.


Libra: Your effort to establish your identity, you will spend more money on your loved ones. You will be too much argumentative in your day-to-day routine. Expectation from your kids may disappoint you. Students of this sign will also try to work less and get more. Somewhat they will get success in their mission.


Scorpio: Your whole hearted concentration will be at your work. You will be having monetary benefits with less effort. Electronic media or any other mode of communication can give you monetary benefit in this period. Mother’s health may effect you mentally. Marital happiness will be back after a long span in this week.


Sagittarius: You may plan to purchase land or vehicle in this period. Businessmen of this sign may get obstacles in their ventures. Your pessimistic attitude may lead to fight with siblings. Air travelling should be avoided for few more weeks, if possible. Your gloom ridden behavior may bother your marital bliss in this week.


Capricorn: Malefic planets are effecting your tone. Be extra cautious in your communication with loved ones. You will have plethora of ideas and facts & figure about many topics talked around. If used your attitude in constructive way, it can turn into highly beneficial period for you.


Aquarius: Your irritable behavior with loved ones may leave you alone. Your critic nature will disturb yourself. Your spouse word will sound you rude and dominating and it feels you a sense of dictating you. Overall, a low phase of life is going in your life. If you try your hand in speculation may destroy you.


Pisces: Week may begin with moderate pace, but as week advances, you will find your relation with mother and spouse will definitely improve. Your enemies may silently attack you and your dignity but in vein. Spirituality will be in your attitude. Your inclination towards donation, charity work or any such activities will be seen in this period.

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