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Safe path vs correct path: How to choose the right path in life?

Sometimes the Safe Path is Not the Right Path


In life, whenever given a choice between a safe path and the right path, most people would choose the safe path. Humans are psyched in a way that they tend to turn towards the things that they feel safe around.

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t recognize Oprah Winfrey. The Oprah Winfrey you know today was not the same famous personality that she is today. She had her own struggles and was again and again tested by life.

While she was still young, she was raped and molested two times. These circumstances and setbacks, however, never stopped her from chasing her dreams. Since life was too hard on bear at a young age, she decided to rise above her circumstances and lead a better life.

She graduated in Journalism and started working with a news channel at the age of 23. While she thought it was a safe path for her, life had planned something different. The channel believed that Oprah used to get emotionally invested in her news stories. They thought it was not the sign of a good journalist.


Soon the show was taken over by someone else and Oprah was given a chat programme to host. She was disappointed as she thought the safe path for her was taken away from her. But, little did she know the right path was waiting for her.

She worked on her programme day and night with extreme consistency. Soon she became the queen of Television. She created an amassing media empire with her famous show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Today she’s worth an estimated $2.9 billion and richest African American. Portrayed as the most powerful woman, she never took any failure as an excuse to give up.

The thing that you need to understand is that choosing a safe path does not mean you’re selecting the right path. There is no shortcut to success. If you want to attain something unusual, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

A safe path might bring external happiness, but might not bring internal satisfaction to you.


How to choose the right path in life?

To choose the right path in life can be arduous. With so many people around you telling you what to do and what is best for you, you somewhere loose your own opinion. If you wish to choose the path that is right for you, you need to follow your heart.

It isn’t something you’ll come to know in a day or two. It takes time to find ambitions. However, here are a few tips for how to choose the right path in life.

  1. Firstly, understand that throughout life, you get a chance to choose the best for you. Many people think they’ve missed the opportunity or that it’s too late for them to shift their path. You can, however, change your path anytime you wish to.


  1. Try to find things that interest you. Indulge in different activities and get an insight into what you love and what you don’t. Once you find your passion, it gets easier to set the right path.


  1. Be confident in the choices you make. If you have chosen something for yourself, you should know you have the calibre to perform well. Self-doubt should not be an option.


  1. Try to learn from each experience. It isn’t necessary that you’ll find success in everything. You might even fail, but instead of losing hope you should learn from the experience and perform even better.



  1. Do not hesitate from taking external guidance. It is always beneficial to get ideas and tips from the people who are already doing well on the path that you aim to choose for yourself.

How to start taking risks in life?

Not everyone is a risk-taker. Some people are too afraid to step out of their comfort zones that they are ready to spend the rest of their lives in guilt and disgust. Risks are, however, an essential part of life.


A person who isn’t taking risks in life is not even living their life correctly. If you are someone who wants to take risks but are unsure how, here we have a few tips for you:


  • Be clear

Learn more about the things you want to take risks. You shouldn’t take risks for the things you are unsure about. If you plan on choosing a path for yourself of your choice, ensure you gather all the information and outcomes of your decision. A calculated risk is always a better option.

  • Don’t be afraid of failing.

We all know that risks come with two clear outcomes, either you succeed or you fail. You will, however, learn in both situations. A person who understands that failures only make you stronger and better doesn’t hesitate from taking risks. Learn from your downfalls, but do not lose hope.

  • Evaluate the outcomes

The more you’ll evaluate the risk to be taken, the more prepared you would be for its outcome. If you know a chance will take you high, you wouldn’t mind taking it in the first place. On the other hand, you should also have a plan for “what if it doesn’t?” When you prepare yourself for both the scenarios, you are no longer afraid of taking risks.


How to come out of comfort zone?

Stepping out of the comfort zone has never been easy for anyone. No one likes to risk anything when we are on a safe path. The safe path, however, isn’t always the right path. You will have to step out of your comfort zone if you wish to be happy and content with your life.


Here are a few ways in which you can learn to step out of your comfort zone.


  • Start taking difficult decisions independently. Don’t ask other people to decide for you. Take a stand and choose what is right for you.


  • Learn to adapt to new environments quickly. You can start by bringing changes in your routine. For example, start getting up early to hustles for your dreams.


  • Please do not go back to your old habits, even when they attract you like a magnet.


  • Try to pick the opportunities that come your way readily. It would be best if you said “yes” to new changes and opinions.


  • Create challenges for yourself. They help you push towards success and improve you for the future.


How can risks lead to success?


Being comfortable, stable, and safe might feel suitable for a while. After some time, however, you’ll be in a wave of regret for the life decisions you took.

The safe path might feel good for some time, but the right path will inspire you to achieve more. Risks not only lead to success but also more happiness and satisfaction.

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