Oversized t-shirts are setting new fashion trend?

Why are young girls going gaga over oversized t- shirts?

Young generation very well know how to look presentable and funky at the same time. Ripped jeans to oversized T- shirts are marking new trend of fashion in India these days. From college goers to office goers, girls are showing their immense love for these oversized T- shirts. It looks commendable on everyone. If you are overweight or you are too skinny it is best outfit to showcase your beauty. One can wear it on jeans or even without it. You will look absolutely gorgeous. It is one of the most comfortable cloths you can wear.

Here are 10 signs that show you are obsessed with these oversized T- shirts:

1. The first time you put one on, you wondered why you had ever worn anything else: You feel absolutely comfortable in these t-shirts even more than your pajamas.

2. Your parents or adults feel you have gone crazy :Fashion changes with course of the time, so whenever you put on these and go out to hang out with your friends, your parents feel you have gone crazy.

Oversized t-shirts are setting new fashion trend?
Oversized t- shirts

3. They will ask you to wear pants : Well, they will definitely ask you to wear pants or pair of jeans on these t-shirts. Of course they had never seen something like this before.

4. You no longer buy it for sleeping : It looks so trending that of course you will not buy it only for sleeping purpose. You can wear it casually as well.

5. No more tight fitted t-shirts : Fashion have gone when girls used to wear tight fitted t-shirts with the pair of tight fitted jeans. You can easily wear oversized t-shirts and feel comfortable too

6. Whenever you have to put on normal clothes, you feel way too restricted :  You start to ask yourself if it would be socially acceptable to wear your oversized t-shirt on your night out. And when you realize you might be judged for doing so at your school, you consider transferring to a more “Southern” school where everyone does it.

Oversized t-shirts are setting new fashion trend?
Break the norms and look absolutely stunning

7. You find yourself creeping through your boyfriend’s/brother’s closet:  You know you have reached an all-time-low when you are so desperate for more t-shirts; you are willing to steal them from others.

8. You become so obsessed with these oversized t-shirts that you start ordering all your t-shirts little long.

9. Your man start complaining that you no longer dress up for him. Everyone boyfriend love to see her lady in short dresses but what about us, we love to wear the oversized t-shirts.

10. You start considering whether it’s important to wear bra? : Wearing long over oversized T-shirts compels you to think whether it’s important to wear bra inside it or not?

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