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Over six crore devotees has been in Simhastha Kumbh mela so far

Around 5.5 crore devotees have taken a dip in the Kshipra river, where the Simhastha Kumbh mela is taking place that started last month in Ujjain.

                         (Simhastha-Kumbh Mela)
(Simhastha-Kumbh Mela)


Simhastha-Kumbh Mela in-charge and State Transport Minister Bhupendra Singh gave this information.
The mega festival which started on April 22 will be ending on May 21. More than 3,600 crore has been spend in the preparations for the gigantic religious event.

Ujjain Simhastha is dedicated to women’s empowerment and Pandals are also been set up by female saints and seers.
Moreover one pandal near Bhairugarh on the banks of Kshipra is solely dedicated to women.

Sunita Bagre Shaktipeeth’s head said that only women are given entry in the pandal. During the Yoga Shivir, information about the women’s upliftment is also being provided.

More than 500 women are being imparted training for the Priest-hood daily in the Pandal of Shaktipeeth.
Those women are trained in purity of Sanskrit language and Dharmacharya Mantras.According to Bagre, this is an effort to remove the shortage of women pandits in the country.

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