Osho Dynamic Meditation: A Natural way to shed toxic emotions!

To keep our promise we are back with another write – up from the workshop session.

Osho Dynamic Meditation: A Natural way to shed toxic emotions!

Today we will tell you, what dynamic meditation is and how it can help people to shed away their toxic emotions.

Ms. Manju Agarwal conducted this during the workshop and I had a personal experience of it.

Osho Dynamic Meditation is the opposite of a regular silent meditation.

Dynamic meditation is a powerful, fast, intense and thorough way to break old ingrained patterns in the body minds that hold us back in the past.

It provides an outlet to release stress, anxiety and other toxic emotions.
DM aims to give you an experience of the inner silence and deep peace that lies within.


DM is best done early in the morning when the whole of nature is alive ready for a beginning.

It is done in five stages and lasts for an hour.

Each stage is demarked by specific music created by Osho. Though, it can be performed alone but to get best results group is more preferable.

It is a cathartic meditation that allows us to connect with our body letting it develop its own rhythm & movements that arise from the core of our being helping us to listen and follow its own self healing process.

The five stages of DM-

Stage 1-Chaotic fast exhalations though the nose

Stage 2-Let the body express itself fully & freely and let the inner upset emotions explode

Stage 3-Jumping up and down flat on ur feet… arms open & raised highshouting
HOO HOO activating your Hara Centre

Freeze be still in whatever position you are in. Do not move

Stage 5-Celebrate through fance, expressing your gratitude towards existence and carrying the inner peace and happiness within you.

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Inputs : Ms. Manju Agarwal.

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