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Ordnance Factory Day 2019: Why do we celebrate this day?

Ordnance Factory Day 2019: 18 March marks Ordnance Factory Day 

The production of the first ordnance factory, located at Cossipur, Kolkata was commenced on 18th March. On the day of occasion ordnance factory, field gun factory, small arms factory, ordnance parachute factory and ordnance equipment factory are acknowledged with a splendid display.

Several activities are organized on the day, presented by the employees of the factory. The day starts with the display of guns, ammunition, rifles, artillery, etc. in exhibitions all over India. The exhibition is open to all. While the arms and ammunition are displayed parade goes on besides it.

Ordnance Factories Day Celebration 2019

As we know the day is observed on March 18 all over India. The celebration starts with the Flag hoisting and singing National Anthem. Discussions, seminars, and talks will be conducted with the concern of the development of new defense technology. The staffs and employees of all categories of ordnance factories will present different styles of cultural programs to mark the day.

The weapon exhibition will show the different arms and ammunition manufactured in the factories. Common people will be accessible to the exhibition to be aware of the developments in the field. The rewards and recognition will also be done for the employees for their dedication to work. The awards will be presented by the hands of honorable chief guest and other dignitaries.

How the Day was Marked?

There are four arms including, the Navy, the Air force, the Army and the Ordnance Factories Board. Each of the arms has their different days of celebration and the Ordnance Factories Day is popularly known as ‘Fourth Arm of Defence’.

The history of Ordnance factories day is directly related to the British rule in India. In the year 1775, East India Company founded the Ordnance Board at Fort William in Calcutta, as they realized the importance of military hardware for increasing their political powers in India.

Why Day is Important?

 It is the need of every country to have proper arms and ammunition for the security of the citizens. The day is observed for ensuring the production of high-quality products and superior quality of working life of employees. The staffs and employees are awarded Ayudh Shri/Devi, Ayudh Bhushan, Ayudh Ratna and so on.

What all are the activities held on the day?

The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. All the employees and staffs are united to perform various cultural programs as it also promotes unity among employees to work towards the nation. The celebration starts with the commencement of the Flag hoisting by the general manager and singing the National Anthem.

Seminars, discussions, and talks are conducted on important topics like the development of military hard wares.

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Let us know about the important Ordnance factories located in India

1. Cordite Factory Aruvankadu

2. Ammunition Factory Khadki, Pune

3. Field Gun Factory, Kanpur

4. Ordnance Factory Bolangir

5. Ordnance Factory Dehradun, and many more.


As we got to know the Ordnance Factory day is observed to mark the importance of security of the nation as well as the hard work of the employees working in the factories. It not only provides safety to the country but also performs other jobs like meeting desires of State Police Forces and Central Paramilitary Forces. It also lets common people get awareness about the military hardware manufactured in their country as the celebration and exhibition is open to all.

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