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Reasons why couples choose to live in open relationship

Do you want to find yourself between the sheets more often? Let’s see how it feels to be in a relationship with sexual benefits and more.

In this world, we are witnessing that delaying of marriage is increasing, fling is mere a swipe away, people trying to be friends with benefits and not to mention the infidelity. There is a growing acceptance of all kinds of relationship specifically, an open relationship which is striking a chord with many young people today, thanks to social media and western culture’s obsession. Youth these days have taken many things for granted when they are in a relationship.

Perhaps, it maybe a reality for many but some of us still dream of finding that special someone, however long it takes. But, according to multiple studies, people in an open relationship are just as happy as those in a monogamous relationship.

However, in order to determine if an open relationship is good for you or not, it’s essential to understand what an open relationship exactly entails.

An open relationship is described as one in which two individual who are in an ongoing relationship aren’t exclusive with one another. Simply put, both the parties in a relationship are openly allowed to have other sexual/romantic partners.

So you must be wondering what the benefits of an open relationship are. That’s precisely what we’re here to answer and to give you a different perspective to sex and why couples today are more inclined towards such modern relationships and intimacy.

1. Full of lust: When it comes to sex, the intensity is much higher in people who are looking for an open relationship. This is the first and obvious reason that majority of people think of, as humans enjoy novelty when it comes to sexuality. In such cases, multiple partners are always a great way to satisfy that craving for whole new sexual experiences and mismatched sex drives.  If you want more, you can simply go out and find more, however, if your partner wants less, then they don’t have to find other partners.

2. No space for cheating: Well, when there’s no need to hide anything from your partner, do you really think the issue of cheating will ever come up? It is the nature of this the relationship that your partner is always aware of the people you meet and the places you go to without feeling a tinge of suspicion, as that’s what an open relationship is all about, right?

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3. No jealousy or possessiveness: It’s clear from the beginning that both of you are going to be seeing other people, so you won’t feel jealous or insecure. You both can be free to do whatever you want without feeling guilty about it. In fact, the study finds that couples in such relationships are significantly less jealous than couples in monogamous relationships.

4. Only freedom; no restrictions: In an open relationship, there is no fear of losing the person you’re with as the saying goes, you can’t lose what you never had. Besides, there’ll be a lot less responsibility in this case. In a serious relationship, there is a truckload of responsibilities where you have certain expectations from each other and things can get a little complicated. However, you don’t have to worry much about being disappointed or disappointing someone for that matter.

5. Brings primary couples closer: To spice things up in your marriage life, some people think this is a perfect way as sometimes being with different individuals bring a whole of a lot of difference and can help you realize the value of your primary partner. There is a possibility that you may end up being closer to your wife/husband and more in touch with who they really are than you ever were before, however, there is still no guarantee that you will succeed.

When done with respect and the consent of all involved, open relationships do have plenty of benefits and perhaps it may help but it is not a solution. Experts believe that if you want an open relationship for some wrong reasons, it won’t work ever and may even get disastrous. It is always important to figure out why you should even consider trying open relationship and ask yourself the very first a question that (1) what you exactly want from it or what you intend to achieve with it, (2) what you’d prefer, but isn’t essential, and (3) what you’re not okay with.

Being in an open relationship isn’t a piece of cake for everyone and it doesn’t show a lack of maturity or compassion to decide that you value and prefer monogamy. At the end of the day, being honest with yourself and your real partner is what matters and is most important in your relationship.

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