One should have a good story line : Richa Anirudh

Richa Anirudh a lady, who has mastered the art of persuading emotions of people , recently shared her views on writing with us.


Richa Anirudh Picture Credits: Kuldeep Pundhir

Talking about the aspiring writers , she said you might have a good language but apart from it , you should have a good story line that should interest readers.

Asking about her interest of reading books , she candidly answered ” I am more into spiritual reading. I like to read Osho mind of stuff.”

She further added, writing is an art and one can learn it through practise. “I have started a magazine for children and surprisingly its going well. They take lot of interest.”

The -43- old year is enthralled by the young talents and wished luck to all aspiring writers.

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