Om Pitribhyo Namah! (Salutations to Ancestors!)

Om Pitribhyo Namah! (Salutations to Ancestors!)

Ganapati Bappa’s vacation will soon be over and we have to quickly prepare ourselves to welcome our ancestors or Pitras. Usually when the chief guests arrive one after another without giving us a break, we have to prepare ourselves well in advance. No matter how much tired we might be, we have to welcome the chief guests for the next fortnight with the same enthusiasm as we did for our Gannu Bappa.

They might be our second chief guest in succession, but for them they are coming after one full year. They are hungry and they long to meet their loved ones. In the ancestral world, one year on earth is equivalent to one ancestral day. When they wake up in the morning, they will feel hungry. When they are hungry, the first place they look for is their near and dear ones, their loved ones. Under these circumstances, if we do not give them the food, they get angry. This is natural, as a hungry man loses temper much faster.

Om Pitribhyo Namah!  (Salutations to Ancestors!)


Our ancestors are a direct connection between us and God. They can carry our wishes to God and help us to get them fulfilled. If our ancestors are happy, they will help us by stretching an extra mile. If they are angry, they end up troubling us at each and every step. We cannot move forward without their blessings. So, give your ancestors a red carpet welcome. Perform each ritual religiously and you will find a change.

So start preparing for the Pitripaksh. Yes, this is the quickest door to abundance. Give your ancestors the same reception. Welcome them with happiness. Ancestors are always happy to see their people back home happy.

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