Oil Your Hair Regularly – Error found 404. Not when the humidity is high

Does regular oiling is good for hair? See what experts have to say.

Our elders have always advised us to oil our hair regularly. The reason they have kept giving is oil strengthens your hair, gives it shine, and also nourishes it to make it long and strong. But some experts may differ with this fact.

Treating your hair with regular oil massage can indeed increase blood circulation and add shine to it. But this is not true for all the seasons.

During Humid climates, we notice hair damage which results in a lot of hair fall. To curd this hair breakage, we keep on adding oil to our scalp. This could lead to further damaging of hair rather than providing nourishment.

While speaking to Dr. Prateek Sondhi, Dermatologist at Derma circles, he quoted, “Every individual is as unique as your hair. We have oil glands on the scalp also. There are three types of scalps- some people have dry scalps; some may have oily and others may possess a sweaty scalp. So, those who have a dry scalp need little oiling.”

 “Those who have an oily, as well as sweaty scalp, should reduce the amount of oil they usually put in their hair. When the climate is humid, oily scalp people tend to produce a lot of sweat. Adding oil to your sweaty scalp may block the pores so it’s better to avoid oil in this particular season”, he added.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Oiling in Humid Climate

1.Avoid oiling

You should avoid oiling your hair in the humid season as your scalp already produces a lot of oil. Avoid oil massage for your hair if you already have an oily scalp.

2.Oil attracts dust

As corona cases are declining so it’s very much possible that you cannot enjoy work from home now. This means your hair is exposed to sun, dust, and pollution. Putting oil will work like a magnet to attract dust, thus, causing hair fall.


Oiling or Champi provides relaxation to the mind and body and can also get you rid of dryness if done in a certain way.

4.Oil twice a week

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Treating your hair with oil twice a week is advisable. But it is also important to raise it completely after a few hours. Keeping oil for long hours will break it easily.

5.Steam your hair

After oiling, wrap your hair with a hot well towel for 2-3 minutes. This will help your scalp to absorb the oil.

Note: the temperature of the towel should not be very high. Excess heat could further damage your hair.

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6.Use of natural oil

Use of natural oil like olive, mustard, and coconut will be helpful. One should always apply oil as per the hair type and available in the natural habitat.

How to cleanse your hair in a humid climate?

For clean and healthy hair, shampooing can do wonders. There is a certain myth related to the daily use of shampoo. Debunking the myth, you can apply shampoo on the regular basis depending on the type of hair, followed by conditioning. A good shampoo will cleanse the hair and will also make it look good.

When the climate is humid, it makes the scalp oily. Hence leads to dandruff. This could also turn to premature greying of hair.

Healthy and clean hair will grow faster. Drinking plenty of water, keeping yourself hydrated, and having a nutritious & good diet will also help in repairing hair damages.

The most important secret behind smiling hair is smiling you. If you stay happy and stress-free, you can keep your scalp happy too. This will reduce your hair fall.

So, Keep smiling and keep shining. 

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