Official Website of BJP turned Anti – BJP


BJP Website Hacked: Get the deets here 

“Brothers and sisters, I’ve fooled all of you. Brothers and sisters, we’ve fooled all of you. more to come! Many, many congratulations!”

Might be thinking the above line has been extracted from a comic and not so serious page or website, but let us reveal the truth, it’s from the website of BJP. Yes! You heard it right. The political party with a very renowned leader and the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The official website of BJP has been hacked by some anonymous.

Several social media users have been reporting the issue about the hacked site of BJP on Tuesday. The screenshots of unflattering memes featuring BJP mainly Narendra Modi has gone viral on social media.

The meme shows a character of German Vice Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where she is walking by and he extends his hand expecting her to shake.

Head of social media for the main opposition party, Divya Spandana said, “If you’re not looking at BJP website right now – you’re missing out.”

According to a report, the website of Chhattisgarh BJP was hacked. The website was uploaded with Pakistani flags and army, as well as ‘warmongering messages’.

Not missing out the great opportunity, the opposition parties are making the full use of the incident. Especially, Congress’ twitter manager Divya Spandana and Hasiba Amin.

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Till now, no group has come forward taking the responsibility of the mishappening neither the BJP officials have said anything about the matter.

Recently, there have been reports revealing about the team of Indian Hackers named, ‘Team I-Crew’ who claims of hacking 200 Pakistani websites after the cruel attack of Pulwama by Terrorists on a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)  Convoy in Jammu & Kashmir on February 14.

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