Odd-Even Scheme: Vehicles carrying school children get an exemption, fines hiked

Vehicles carrying school children get the exemption, fines hiked: All you need to know

The Delhi government will soon be back with the odd-even scheme in the national capital to combat pollution. The odd-even restrictions will kickstart from November 4 to15. Recently, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made an important announcement related to restrictions. According to a fresh update, vehicles carrying school children will get an exemption from the odd-even scheme.  However, he said that the government will soon shed light on how this will work.

“Any vehicle that carries schoolchildren would usually run between morning 7 am- 8 am. So, the person must return home before 8 am ( when odd-even scheme begins), an officer sitting next to CM Kejriwal informed.  Mr Kejriwal added, “If there is a student wearing school uniform inside the vehicle, it will be exempted.”

Hike in the fine

Violators need to pay a hefty amount of fine. Chief Minister of Delhi said scheme violators have to pay Rs.4000 – a hike of Rs. 2000 from the last one in 2016.

Notably, odd–even scheme allows vehicles according to the last digit of their number plate. On alternative days you use your vehicle according to odd or even day.  The programme is aimed to reduce the pollution in Delhi which every year shoots up during the winter season.  The pollutant level in Delhi has reached to dangerous PM 2.5. Notably, PM 2.5 is a fine particle that can penetrate into lungs and cause respiratory diseases.

Important things you need to know:

1. Two- wheelers are exempted from the odd-even rule which will be enforced between 8 am to 8 pm

2. Vehicles of VVIPs  including the President, Prime Minister, Governors, and Assembly speakers will be allowed to run during the odd-even rule.

3. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that his vehicle and those of MLAs of ruling Aam Admi Party in Delhi would be not exempted from this rule

Diwali is around the corner- The move can be really helpful

Last year, two days before Diwali in November, the air quality of National capital dropped to PM 2.5 which is hazardous. In South Delhi, it touched 644  over 20 times the safe limit prescribed by World Health Organisation. Well, that was alarming. Keeping that in mind, the scheme will soon make a comeback. Notably, when it was imposed earlier it had some good results.

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Government can do its bit, but we also need to put our efforts. As the citizens of Delhi, we need to abide by rules. Apart from it, let’s say no to crackers and celebrate green Diwali.

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