October Review: It will make you feel the intensity of love


Movie Review:  Varun Dhawan at his best and Banita Sandhu was outstanding!

When we say Varun Dhawan, the only thing that comes to our mind is ‘Typical Bollywood Romance’. But this film is miles away from that zone.  There are no romantic ballads or lovey-dovey songs in the film.  Instead, the film will make you feel the intensity of pure love.  Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu will slowly pull you in their world of empathy and hope.

Varun Dhawan reacts on his road accident
Varun Dhawan, Actor

The story of the film is well –written and characters are so finely explained. Banita Sandhu’s Shiuli Iyer is an overachiever and she tries to do everything perfectly.  Shoojit has used Shuili/ (night Jasmine) as a metaphor to equate the flower’s short span to that blooming and wilting of their ‘unspoken’ love.  Dan ( Varun Dhawan’s character) and Shuili share a cordial relationship.

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They hardly used to exchange words with each other, but an incident entirely changes their lives. There is also a little bit of humour in the film to bring the smile on your face. The film will keep you engrossed.

Some may find it cumbersome to keep up with the slow narration.  In a nutshell, it is Varun’s best performance so far and Banita Sandhu’s debut is really promising.  The film has evoked a different fragrance and it will definitely linger long.

We rate it 4 stars.

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