Weekly Horoscope: 27th September – 3rd October

Weekly Horoscope: 27th September – 3rd October

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Anxiety with negative approach can harm your health. Being vocal with transparent plan and effort to execute the same in your day-to-day life can save your peace. Your inclination towards learning new skill will be more in these days. Your children may be area of concern. The area of concern will be totally depended on your personal horoscope and running period. 


Taurus: Expectation from children may disappoint you more in this week. Your opinion may differ from your child’s. Either try to fill the generation gap or accept it peacefully. Avoid any written communication and go with verbal mode of interaction with loved ones. Siblings also won’t support you emotionally or in any form. Only your smart strategies can take you out of any situation around. 


Gemini: A pessimistic mind may prevail in your overall attitude. If you come across such feeling then avoid taking any serious decision and delay them. Siblings may come forward to support you or take your advice in family matters. Professionally a good period can be seen in this period. Financial area of life will give you a positive feeling. 


Cancer: Several concern regarding family matters with family and friends will keep you anxious. Over thinking may kill your mental peace. This is the period when you may inflict yourself rather than sharing your problems with anybody. Meeting friends from other community or from foreign land can be expected. Take care of diet to avoid any health issue. 


Leo: Your dedication and whole-hearted involvement at work will make you privileged among your people. But in family matter, you can be aggressive off and on. This behavior may create an atmosphere with lack of peace. Your concern will be your mother due to her health or your bad relation with her. Overall, a mixed bag is being carried by this week for you. 


Virgo: An egoistic mind with a pleasant thought will prevail in your overall attitude. Sibling will come forward to help and support you, emotionally or financially. Week will not begin with a pleasant bell but as day advances, situation will eventually take you to the right place. Those who are working for IT or any communication field, will have good time to get benefitted at work. 


Libra: Your friends or acquaintances can be the source of monetary profit for you in this period. Specially, the friends, who stay away from your place. But keep your conscious clear and pure. You should not be swayed away with the friends’ words, as this may turn into short term benefit with long term defamation. Your arrogance or at time being very straight in your opinion can bring differences with family members. 


Scorpio: You can expect hidden friends as well as surfaced one in this period. They will try to deter your goal but your determination is definitely not letting them get success in their venture. Students of this sign will get inspiration to work harder. Romantic life can be in toss. Children may be the reason of disturbance. Overall, a lukewarm week can be expected. 


Sagittarius: A pleasant week at work with good surroundings can be expected. At the same time, you will be surrounded by some dubious characters too. In the contrary, a disturbed relation with the family of spouse cannot be ignored. Planets will keep helping you to sail through it easily. Financial area of life looks good. 


Capricorn: Your relation with mother looks better. You will wear heart on your sleeve and take your decision in a spurts. Your success at work with slow pace or with obstacles can be expected. Your plan to invest money in land or building can be in your near future agenda. Your decision is definitely going to be one of the wisest one. 


Aquarius: Amidst other good scenario, one dark side will be experienced. The dark side will be your relationship with loved ones due to your harsh tone. Better side may be felt from professional area. Self-confidence is always appreciated but you will cross the boundary at times. This self-confidence may turn into arrogance, if not handled properly. Stay awake, stay safe. 


Pisces: Your analysis about many factors of life would be worth praising in this period. People around you are definitely going to appreciate you.  Monetary aspects are good. Still your pessimistic thought towards life can also be seen hand-in-hand. Overall, you would find yourself in dilemma about how to lead life or how to approach few situations you come across.

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