Weekly Horoscope: 4th October – 10th October 

Weekly Horoscope: 4th October – 10th October

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Week will begin with the same note but situation may improve post mid-week. You will gain confidence with a better perception. Your creative skill is going to be surfaced up and eventually recognized too among your people. Despite your partner will be at the dominating position, it looks easy for you to handle the situation. Overall, a lukewarm week is knocking your door. 


Taurus: Your mind will be restless with clueless planning. Your anxiety will reflect in your every action. It’s better to avoid any harsh communication or try to sort any problem in congenially. Relation with children as well as elder siblings look better in this period. Your concern about money will be more and lack of satisfaction can be experienced.    


Gemini: Your ideas, planning and creativity will be recognized among your people. But be aware of conflict with colleagues till mid-week. Post mid-week period looks improved regarding your public image. Hidden enemies can be expected in this period. You would prefer spending money in luxury. You will be missing inner peace. 


Cancer: Your optimistic approach towards life will be noticed. You will face an uneasy surrounding. You will have courage to face the situation with full determination. The best part of your week will be your communication. Marital happiness may be not up to the expectation. Results of your efforts would be delayed but not at all denied. 


Leo: You will spend quality time with family. You won’t mind spending money in fun and family. Your ideas related to daily life situation will work wonder. Your inclination towards life can be seen as a package of spiritual as well as modern. In totality, a pleasant week can be expected. Amidst all positive situation, stay awake while dealing with your younger sibling. Even little ignorance may disturb your relation. 


Virgo: Ego along with aggressive thoughts will be hovering in your mind. Still, you will find yourself at ease. Imposing your view on your partner may disturb your marital life. You won’t be satisfied with your financial status. Sudden situation may be encountered in this period. You may have trust issue with most of your loved ones. 


Libra: Meeting people and getting energized can be seen in this week. Father or any father figure may come forward to help you. If you are involved in legal issues, this is the period when you get involved in this affair again. Avoid getting involved in any dispute or delay it for the time being. Overall, a good time is assured in this period. 


Scorpio: You may have better control over your temperament. Health is another heading of the week. Take extra care of health. Though it won’t be any serious kind of problem, but don’t ignore even minor problem. A good time at workplace is assured with the help of boss and colleagues. A lukewarm week is heading towards you. 


Sagittarius: Whatever is the situation, you will have feeling of being under influence of undesirable condition. Even though, you will get appreciation from boss and colleagues, your personal life will be disturbed. If you have history of heart disease, keep in touch with your Doctor. 


Capricorn: Your relation with younger siblings won’t be up to the mark. You seem to be very aggressive while dealing friends and family. You may take up very courageous measures to face situation you come across. At the end of the day, you will feel that you are standing at the right court. Overall, a week to fight with full of velour for the right goal will keep you going.  


Aquarius: Even though you will get support of partner or lady luck may help you to go ahead in several matters, you won’t feel yourself peaceful. You will face obstacles in reaching your target in this week. Be extra cautious in using words while communicating with the people around. You may take up short journey in this period. 


Pisces: You will behave like dare devil. This feeling will be experienced by you after long time. This is definitely going to give you pleasure. Health needs more attention. If you have history of B.P. or Diabetes, then do not ignore even silly issue. Monetary aspect looks good, indeed. At the end of this week you may have a better mood altogether. 

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