October Born are official ‘Peacemakers’. 9 Interesting Facts And Traits Of October Born Babies!

Librans Strike Balance in Life like a Boss! 9 qualities proved that October born are the epitome of grace.

Every month is different and unique in its own way. People born in other months have different qualities. For example, people born in January are born leaders. Similarly, October born strikes a balance in life like a boss. Well, we need to admit October holds uniqueness in everyone’s heart. Although this is a month when summers officially end, do not consider it an ending. Fall is the most magical year, marking new beginnings and many new things. Just like the month, people born in this month are also exceptional.

The charm, balance in life and charisma makes them irresistible. Here is a list of 9 qualities of October born that instantly make you fall for them. From legendary Amitabh Bachchan to classic diva Rekha Ji, October’s born are the epitome of grace.


october born

(Balance – All they want in life)

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1. They are born lovers

They are charming and charismatic souls. People born in October are born lovers. They are like a ball of energy. Blessed with inner beauty and outer charm, they leave a long-lasting impression on others.

2. Good Listeners

This makes them the best of the rest. We need more people like them. They are excellent listeners, which makes them really attractive. They are always willing to listen to whatever you say, isn’t that cool?

(Amitabh Bachchan)

3. Food, Food, and Food

When you are with a Libra, food conversations are a must! They have great taste when it comes to food. They try to explore different cuisines and love to share them with their loved ones.

4. They promote Harmony- ‘Official Peacemaker’

They are brutally honest and do not like to indulge in drama. Being fake with them can land you in trouble. They are an official peacemaker. They preach it and practice it too.

5. High on EQ

They are friendly and high on EQ, which makes them extremely attractive. People born in October hardly lose their temper. They stay calm, and that’s why they make more friends than enemies.

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6.  They are naturally attracted to competitive people

People born in October love challenges; when someone challenges them, they run with them. Their intuitive and practical mind makes them the best of the rest.

7. Optimism and Business oriented People

Failure doesn’t stop them. Librans are optimistic AF, and they are incredibly business-oriented. Well, their positivity is contagious, which makes them good leaders. They motivate others and tell them not to lose hope during difficult times.

(Rekha Ji, an epitome of grace)

8. Problem Solver

They are great problem solvers. Believe it or not, October’s born have answers to everything. If you have a problem, do not forget to ask Libran. The solution is guaranteed.

9. Family –oriented

They are family-oriented people. Family is their top priority. Besides building a business, they love making a family full of positive vibes.

We reached out to renowned astrologer Kiran Pandey to understand their personalities. She said, “They don’t fall for anyone easily, and if they do, it is the real deal. Make sure you meet their expectations.”

Edit- Ayushi Mittal

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