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Now you can Run YouTube videos on Whatsapp

Few days ago, Whatsapp had provided its three updates in the market. The users have not yet started to use these features and whatsapp is there with some new news. Facebook owned WhatApp has rolled out media bundling, font update and file sharing for a better experience to its users.

Now, the news of a new feature is breaking the internet. By using this new feature, the users will be able to play YouTube videos in the app itself. This means that the users need not to go to YouTube application to watch the videos.

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Available on IOS BT

This feature has been seen on 2.17.40 version of the IOS BT app of WhatsApp. As per sources and reports, WhatsApp is testing this new feature on IOS BT. After this new feature, users will be able to play YouTube videos through the check window itself. Along with this, users will also be able to resize the window or another option to play full screen video will also be present.

A drawback of this feature is that while switching to another chat or another application or window, the video will stop playing. This feature will be supported on Iphone 6 and higher versions. Probably, it will be available for Android users after testing.

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Files of all formats can be shared

Last year, the company launched a feature to share only the pdf files but now the users will be able to share files of all formats with their friends.

According to WhatsApp website, files only upto 100 MB could be shared by the users. However, Iphone users will have the feature to share bigger files.

Photo bundle feature

Now, the normal android users will be able to use the photo bundle feature. Through this feature, while sharing more than one photo, the users will see bundling. This means, that photos unlike before, will not come differentiated but in bundles.

Text Format

Before this, the company has updated the text format of the application. Through this, the texts could be changed into bold, strikethrough and italics, but now a new update has been done to it. While using the app now, the text could be changed to bold and other styles without using signs.

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