Now the Fashion industry has its own Airlines


Have you ever noticed the passport of a fashion designer? It’s as colorful as a bottom of a pair of Louboutins, with the stamps of Milan, Paris, Mumbai, and Sydney, Berlin.

There are around two dozen major fashion events around the globe happening each year and many of the designers and models , stylists and the stylish, to pack their luggage and head to the airport on repeat.

That is the reason it’s surprising that no airlines has formally partnered with fashion week until now.


Model Traveling

The fifth best airline of the world Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates have announced that it will sponsor 17 of the WWE/IMG fashion events across the world, starting with the Mercedes –Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney starting from May 15- 20.

This will also include high profile events like New York Fashion Week, London, and Milan in 2016.

But this isn’t the first time any airline has tie up with the fashion industry. Designers have a history of designing uniforms for certain airlines like British Airways and Air France.

What does this mean? Will Etihad “Sponsor” the entire industry?

It’s a special fashion flight, with special fashion perks having “amenities bags”; it can also have live screening of runway shows and yes most probably the chic flight attendant uniforms.

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