Now chat with a new WhatsApp font

Are you bored from the same old WhatsApp font? Well, then you don’t have to worry as it seems that Facebook-owned WhatsApp has finally realized that it’s been high time they offer their customer something new.

The company has now silently rolled out a new feature on WhatsApp’s Android App which enables a user to type in a new font. The font is somewhere similar to Fixedsys in Windows. However, so far there is only option.


chat with a new WhatsApp font

But using this new font is somehow difficult and can be tiresome too. The reason because the users have to put a backquote symbol (‘) three times before and after the text they want to change the font of.

For Example, if you want to type a “Hello” in the new WhatsApp font then, you have to type it like this “`Hello““. This feature is also available on iOS app, and the font change cannot be accompanied with the other formatting options like italics and bold.

Moreover, as per the reports WhatsApp will be soon be rolling out another new features for the iOS, including the ability to share and listen to music.

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