Nothing will change after recounting of votes, says Donald Trump

US President-elect Donald Trump

Nothing Will Change after recounting of votes, says Donald Trump

US President-elect Donald Trump has said on Sunday on his Twitter handle that nothing will change as a result of the campaign to recount the votes that were casted in three states in the November 8 presidential election.

In a series of tweets, Trump has said that his main rival for the White House, Democratic Hillary Clinton, “conceded the election when she had called me just prior to (my) victory speech and after the results were in”.

Moreover, next day Clinton has telephoned Trump to say that “we have to further accept the results and look to the future”, he said, paraphrasing what she had said in one of the presidential debates.

“So much time and money will be spent, but same result! Sad,” the President-elect went on to say, via Twitter.

Green Party’s presidential candidate Jill Stein last Wednesday has launched a fundraising effort to finance vote recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, all of which Trump has apparently won by narrow margins.

Nothing will change after recounting of votes
US President-elect Donald Trump

Vote recount in response to the formal request

Wisconsin has announced on Friday that it will be conducting a vote recount in response to the formal request, which is presented by Stein and another independent presidential candidate Rocky De La Fuente.

According to the Green candidate’s campaign, there is a “compelling evidence of anomalies” in the voting in those three states in question and, therefore, it is necessary to further verify the results in those states’ counties that would depend on electronic voting machines to tally the ballots.

Clinton’s campaign, meanwhile, is backing the decision by Wisconsin authorities to conduct the recount despite saying that no irregularities have been detected in the election, and it said that it will also support recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan if the Green Party, as expected, formally requests them, EFE news added.

Trump has also issued a statement On Saturday in which he had called the Green Party’s effort a “scam”.

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