“Not MADE-UP beauties, but POLISHED beauties”


With beauty-pageants 2014 round the corner, every girl and boy is planning to do their best in order to look their best. People aspire to be under lime-light and to climb-up the stairs to fame, but not all of them manage to get there. A lot of us also have thoughts that probably modeling is NOT our thing because of various reasons, among which two most popular reasons are- Low on confidence and not being the right size.


Proving a generic thought wrong that modeling needs one to be size-zero, a very renowned Personality Groomer, Ex-Lieutenant Rita Gangwani says that the fashion of being size-zero was a passing-phase, which was in for quite some time, nowadays movers and shakers are all out to promote a healthier body image to young Indian women. It is not a question about size specifically; it is a question about health.


“Nervous, unhealthy, ultrathin women are not right for the ramp. Extreme skinny models are on crash diet with very low BMR. The lack of calories causes a metabolic melee in the brain resulting in fierce mood swings, loss of sense of proportion and the inability to see outside the immediate world.


A model with great attitude, confidence, lovely Indian features, fit and proportionate with naturally good walk is perfect for any ramp.” says Rita Gangwani.

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On our question if she thinks that the personality on the ramp is a made-up beauty, she said that Made-up beauty would be a wrong word to use, because she believes her work is to enhance what a girl or guy already holds in them, she builds confidence and that is what she thinks is OOMPH FACTOR about any candidate. “We all have our own individual’s identity. No two people are same ever. When we say that someone has a “good personality” we mean that they are likeable, interesting and pleasant to be with. But sometimes due to lack of opportunities or circumstances, our personality is unable to bloom. Proper Training to enhance ones features, developing proper Body Language, overcoming Shyness, Facing public etc can build the confidence in a person. During the trainings at the pageant, we just brush them up and add the finishing touches. I won’t call them “MADE UP BEAUTIES”, but rather “POLISHED BEAUTIES.” says Rita Gangwani.


She adds that building up confidence and making the contestants congenial has been the most difficult task to do in her profession. “Everybody needs a little bit of motivation and a mother figure to pull them out of stress, and that’s what I do. Developing these qualities is the biggest Challenge for me.”


On being asked about her take on the stereotypical thoughts in mind of people about models being synonymic to being dumb, Rita says that this is the most intriguing stereotype she has come across when talked about modeling or models. She feels that Models nowadays are very smart and learn the tricks of trade very fast. In today’s competitive world, they keep sharpening their axe and can’t be called Dumb. “Making a living out of looks requires so much training, caring and time, most of girls that pose and exhibit had been looking after every detail in their looks and enhancing it whenever possible. How can that be Dumb?” counter questions Rita to the readers.


She says that someone who can carry herself without faking and be natural with her poses, glides effortlessly on the Ramp can be the best among the rest. And also she says that the future of modeling in India is very bright. Events like Miss India and Miss World have broadened the mind-set of people. They are welcoming it and encouraging budding models/ aspirants to give it a chance as a career option, which was not a case few years back.


“Moreover with so many fashion weeks happening, fresh faces are getting a lot of exposure and experience. Many of our leading Bollywood stars are from this industry. The thriving Indian modeling industry is now setting up its eye to reach the international platform when young girls are stepping forward to represent our country globally.” adds Rita, concluding the interaction.

‘Gladrags Megamodel Manhunt’ is back in action. The registration process is going on, that is 20th February, 11am onwards. Entry forms are available in the latest Gladrags magazine. For further information, one can contact either its or simply, call on-022 66628855/77 for further enquiry.

Along with it, reines de beaute, of ‘Femina Miss India’ too are ready to rock the ramp. The 51st year of ‘Femina Miss India’ will be conducting 14 city auditions, 3 Regional Auditions and 2 city pageants. Auditions are open only in few cities now including Kolkata. However, the application closes two days before the audition that is on 16th February, 2014. The venue of audition is- Lounge Maya, Swisshotel, Kolkata.The applicants will be notified with a registration number upon successful submission of online application.

Natasha Thakadia, the organiser of Femina Miss India says that the event always turns out to be a successful one. “We go by the looks and personality at the same time”, she says. The qualifying finalists then takes part in the grand finale of the Femina Miss India pageant in 2014, which crowns the three Miss Indias.

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