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Not so Funny: Cartoons that came in this week that are just on point

A feature to the best cartoons that came in news this week


(All the cartoons in this feature have come in print or online edition during this week. This is to collectively feature and appreciate all these here)


The power of visual arts is amazing and hence, the influence of political cartoons is just more than anything. Here is a list of handpicked cartoons that have come this week and are absolutely food for thought.


E.P. Unny | Indian Express


E. P. Unny, one of the finest political cartoonists in India, who makes political cartoons for The Indian Express has made this cartoon about how Gandhi Ji might have reacted to the present condition in UP. The cartoon has the state, UP mentioned and shows how Gandhi would have called Lal Bahadur Shastri to deal with the increasing crimes in UP.


Another one by E. P. Unny showing how the police barricaded the people from opposition to enter the Hathras Village.


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R. Prasad | Economic Times


This one by R Prasad shows how the UP police choose to buring the Hathras rape case victim’s body without the permission of the family and in odd hours.


R. Prasad is a political cartoonist with the Economic Times. In this cartoon, he has taken a call on the SIT proposing for the narco test of Hathras Rape Case Victim’s family which is the most unlikely thing in the case.

Satish Acharya


Satish Acharya shows the two falling faces of justice on the same day, 1) Police forcibly cremating the victim of Hathras case in the odd hours and 2) the verdict on Demolition of Babri Masjid.


Kirtish Bhatt | BBC Hindi



Kirtish drew for BBC Hindi, critiquing the time taken to announce the judgement on the demolition of Babri Masjid i.e. 28 years asking how long does it take evidence to be irrefutable as the time of 28 years lead to a decision that it falls on its own.


Manjul | First Post


Manjul, for First Post, has joked on how certain news channels failed to peddle their claims against Rhea Chakraborty and now will take a spin of some international conspiracy.


Alok Nirantar | Sakal Media Group



Well joked Alok. And well put. Yet disappointing is that we crack on this joke and after a while, the joke stops getting funny and so is this one. A subtle comment on how viewers are not to using brains while consuming news.

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