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North Korea cuts communication with ‘enemy’ South Korea, possible reasons inside

We found two possible reasons for the communication cut off between the two Korean countries

North Korea recently announced that they are cutting all communications with South Korea and called them an enemy. Experts believe that the move could be the result of frustrations at Seoul’s inability to revive inter-Korean economic projects that had been beneficial to North Korea. Few experts also think that the recent development is because of the anti-DRPK propaganda launched by South Korean activists into the Kim Jong-un-led North Korea.

A little background

The two countries established 49 hotlines to facilitate diplomatic talks for coordinating air and sea traffic, easing military conflict and tensions and engage in cross-border economic projects. These hotlines are believed to be first established in the 1970s. Since then they are modernized with the latest technology.

When diplomatic relations between the two countries get affected, these lines of communications are stopped until the situation gets under control. These lines were last cut in 2016 when diplomatic relations between these two countries took a jolt during the appointment of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States. North Korea did nuclear tests including the ballistic missiles, Donald Trump attacked North Korea verbally. However, the communications were restored in 2018.

north korean and south korea communication
Image Source – The Telegraph

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Recent incidents which could be the possible reason for communication hindrance

Recently, South Korean activists and North Korean defectors in South Korea sent anti-DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) leaflets across the border to North Korea. Activists also sent medicines, rice, Bibles using the balloons in North Korea.

North Korea had expressed anger over these incidents several times before the communications were cut off. It had also threatened to close an inter-Korean liaison office and other projects involving both the countries if the South Korean government does not stop the North Korean defectors and South Korean activists from sending anti-DPRK leaflets.

Pyongyang following on its threats cut off communication lines between its supreme leader and the South Korean presidential office, between the military of both countries and inter-Korean liaison office. Later, Seoul clarified that daily calls were not attended by Pyongyang.

The South Korean government had recently announced that they will be pressing charges against the activists who sent rice balloons across the border.

Some researchers believe that both the countries are not on talking terms as North Korea wants to put pressure on South Korea to resume inter-Korean economic projects that will help Pyongyang.

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