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“NOOR”, a painting that will melt your ‘Heart’ by Tanisha Bakshi

Oil on canvas by Tanisha Bakshi: Guess what? She is back with another breathtaking painting to spread some ‘Noor’

Tanisha Bakshi is known for her realistic paintings representing emotions on a canvas. Well, she is back with another phenomenal artwork that will melt your heart. Her latest artwork titled ‘Noor’, is a painting which is filled with pure love. Let us take a look at the journey of making Noor!

“A mother is a woman who shows the light when it is dark”

Her artwork depicts Nargis a warrior mother fighting all odds and darkness by being a guiding light in her child’s life. She overcomes the obstacles of slum life by working hard day and night just to illuminate the life of her daughter NOOR. She’s an epitome of a mother who sacrifices a lot by putting in her heart and soul to make her child’s dream come true.

All she wants is her child to be happy, safe, and secure and enjoy prosperity despite difficulties that they are facing in their life.

“The things which have no value for us is no less than a treasure for Nargis and her daughter NOOR” says Tanisha.

What we don’t realise when we throw our used goods and toys away, a mother living in poor conditions finds an old cycle rim to make a jhula and decorates it with discarded toys for her beautiful Noor so that she could also swing to the lavish childhood.

The Process: 

This painting has taken her one and a half month to complete and is framed with a beautifully hand carved wooden frame.

The candle in the mother’s hand signifies light in the darkness and how a mother prepares her daughter to overcome the difficulties by being a guiding light.

“A mother’s love is the greatest of all.”  Talking about the painting Tanisha said, “This is another painting in the journey of my artwork which shows that a Mother’s love is Universal and for me her love is my biggest inspiration .”

You can checkout  Tanisha’s phenomenal work on Instagram 

Apart from being an artist, Tanisha is also the founder of Annsagar Foundation, an NGO providing free meals to underprivileged kids and spreading smile. To simply put, she is an inspiration to many young girls. You can follow your passion, work on your dreams and at the same time, you can make others happy by doing your bit.

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