Non-Users around the internet to be tracked, by Facebook

In an attempt to advance its user base, the social media giant Facebook has announced that it will start displaying ads to web users, who are not a member of its social platform.

Facebook will be using cookies, ‘like’ buttons and other plug-ins attached on the third party side in order to track non-members alike. The company has also said that it will be better to target the non-Facebook users and serve the ads for them.


Person Using Facebook

Meanwhile, the social giant practices have come under criticism from the regulators in Europe over privacy concerns.

Further, Facebook has begun to display banner notifications at the top of its News Feed users in Europe on Friday, which alerts the users its use of cookies as mandated under an EU directive.

Facebook feels that targeted advertisement can more accurately focus on the non-members using the vast amounts of data that they already have on the nearly 1.7 billion people who use the site.

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