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No Trees, No Humans: Chipko Movement is back

All you need to know about the controversy of cutting down 16,000 trees in Delhi

Trees are living beings too! If we cannot give them life, we are nobody to take their life. Nearly 17,000 grown trees would be chopped off for the redevelopment of central government accommodations in South Delhi, according to reports. The trees would be cut in various areas, including Nauroji Nagar, Netaji Nagar, and Sarojini Nagar, an official with the Forest Department said on the condition of anonymity.
Don’t cut trees

Around 11,000 trees would be cut in Sarojini Nagar, the official said. But this move has been criticised all across the city and High Court has put a stay on it till July 4.

 “Can Delhi afford to cut of trees for the development of roads and buildings?” the court asked NBCC (India) Ltd, the state-owned real estate company which is redeveloping the seven colonies. How can they cut such a huge number of trees in Delhi? They are not at all aware of the consequences we are going to suffer after this step.
People in Sarojini Nagar recalls the Chipko Movement History and they literally hugged trees and request the authorities not to cut them. 

 Here, are few hazardous consequences of cutting down the tress we should aware of:

 1. Hazardous Air Quality: Without trees, humans would not be able to survive because the air would be unsuitable for breathing. If anything, people would have to develop gas masks that filter the little oxygen that would be left in the air. Trees are a crucial part of the carbon cycle, a global process in which carbon dioxide constantly circulates through the atmosphere into the organism and back again. Trees take carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis in order to make energy. This carbon is then either transferred into oxygen and released into the air by respiration or is stored inside the trees until they decompose into the soil. Therefore, the absence of trees would result in significantly HIGHER amounts of carbon dioxide in the air and LOWER amounts of oxygen! Than how we humans will survive? Think about it!
2. Disturbed Water Cycle: Trees are important for the water cycle. They absorb rain fall and produce water vapor that is released into the atmosphere. Trees also lessen the pollution in water. If we will cut down the trees, then drought-like conditions can arise in Delhi
3. Water war: And at one point in the future, the level of freshwater resources available will become as scarce. There are already many debates over whether we currently abuse non-renewable resources, but the most important of these resources is probably freshwater. Freshwater is the basis of human survival and agricultural operations. Future politicians are going to have to make ground-breaking decisions on how to preserve enough freshwater resources for their country, and one option would be to wage war against others—to the death.
4. Global Warming: Undoubtedly, no trees automatically means the increase in the level of global warming. So, it’s really important to understand the consequences we are going to suffer if we will end the lives of trees.
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