No Smoking Day 2020: Quit Smoking today and feel the immediate health benefits

History & Celebrations, How you should celebrate if you are not a smoker

No Smoking Day is observed every 2nd Wednesday of every March across the world to encourage people to quit smoking. This year it is being celebrated on 11th March. The main purpose of this day is to aware and educate the people about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption through the cigarette and other modes. Let’s look at the celebration, history and significance of No Smoking Day 2020.


No Smoking Day movement was first initiated in the United Kingdom, 1984 on the Ash Wednesday and since then it has been an annual celebration event. Every year, there is a new short theme that can be used in media and advertising to help get the word out.  In 2010, “Break Free” theme was used, which many may remember. The theme was used with images of broken cigarettes encouraging smokers to try to break the chains of tobacco addiction.

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How to celebrate it?

If you are a smoker, quit smoking today. Nothing could be a better way to celebrate No Smoking Day other than quitting smoking. We know that it’s tough and but it is certainly worth trying as it will have immediate good health effects in your body.

If you don’t smoke, but someone does who is dear to you, you can encourage them by offering them resources that can help. There are support groups, helpline numbers and counter cessation aides for smokers.

Another way to celebrate this day is by acknowledging, supporting, and appreciating those who quit smoking. Tell them how proud you are with their continued status as a non-smoker.

However, it’s not that No Smoking Day is the only day you should quit smoking. You can quit smoking any day you want.

Also, if you want to quit smoking and are confused about how to go about it, then join the m-cessation programme of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). You can also register yourself by filing your email ID and phone number at

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