There is no salt shortage in the country: Central and Delhi government

There is no salt shortage in the country: Central and Delhi government
Situation in Delhi

Rumours of salt shortage resulted in people buying it at Rs 250-400/kg

Amidst the rumours of a salt shortage in different parts of Delhi, NCR and Uttar Pradesh, both centre and Delhi governments on Friday clarified that there is no such shortage.

Ministers stated on the Salt shortage rumour

“There is no such salt shortage in the country. State governments have all the power to ensure that it is available at reasonable prices,” a central government spokesperson said.

The statement came after the rumours of salt going up to Rs 250/kg in Delhi – NCR and Rs 400/ kg in UP were doing rounds

This resulted to a panic situation in Noida, Laxmi Nagar, Chandni Chowk among many other places.

“The department records the prices of 22 essential items on daily basis. As per the prices reported by centres from across the nation, there has been no price hike of salt whatsoever,” the Department of Food and Consumer Affairs said.

There has been no report about any disruption in production of salt, its supply and distribution, it added.

The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal also took to Twitter to stop the rumours.

There is no salt shortage in the country: Central and Delhi government
Situation in Delhi

“People are spreading rumours about shortage of sugar and salt. This is not true at all. Anyone hoarding salt will not be spared,” he tweeted.

Manish Sisodia, Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister, also urged its people not to believe any such rumours.

“There is no such shortage of salt in Delhi. SDMs teams and Food Supply Officers are patrolling around the city. Salt is available in every shop. No cause for panic,” Mr Sisodia tweeted.

Hearing this, Delhi Food and Supplies Minister Imran Hussain held an immediate meeting at his residence.

Rumors created Havoc

Earlier yesterday, rumours of salt shortage spread in Uttar Pradesh which led to panic and soon people flocked to shops for buying salt in various parts of the state.

Lucknow Senior Superintendent of Police Manzil Saini said that it is a mischief done by some rumour mongers.

All this resulted in salt being sold between Rs 100-200 per kg.

Following this Lucknow Inspector General of Police, Satish Ganesh asked all officials to start special patrolling in busy places and markets to prevent any unwanted incidents.

A special team has been put on the trail of a message that went viral within minutes of appearing on social media sites, triggering panic.

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