Nimbu Memes on Twitter, Checkout Hilarious memes on skyrocketing lemon prices

Soaring lemon prices leave a sour taste in the mouth of Indians. Meanwhile, Twitteratis are busy making nimbu-memes


  • What cost ₹60 per kg has now seen a huge spike?
  • Nimbu memes treading over social media

Nimbu memes: When Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Hold that thought. If Life is giving you lemons, you should now keep them safe. The price of lemons is soaring, just like the temperature. Perhaps the most refreshing and inexpensive way to beat the heat is lemonade. Well, not anymore!

It will pinch your pockets even more than the ever-rising fuel prices. The common man’s cold drink seems like a luxury now. A Kilo of Lemon now costs ₹350 in Jaipur.

What cost ₹60 per kg has now seen a huge spike?

This is due to an acute shortage in supply and a rise in demand because sweltering heat has shot up the prices. Lemon prices have doubled and tripled across the country, not just in Jaipur. From Hyderabad to Surat to Delhi, the cost of lemons has seen a steep hike. As the mercury has soared, people have started using lemons more, that is why there is a massive jump in their prices. Agricultural scientists say that unseasonal rains and weather changes have affected lemon crop production. Overall costs of vegetables and fruits are also seeing a rise.

From 22 March onwards, India has witnessed a rise in fuel prices, which has pushed transportation costs. Vegetable sellers say that due to the increased transportation cost and the ultimate purchase price hike, they are bound to sell vegetables at a higher price.

An  Indian Express report explained that the extreme heat in many lemon-growing zones damages the market-ready crop, pushing the prices up. However, the damage to crops in Gujarat due to a cyclone has also worsened the situation. Gujarat is one of the primary producers of lemons.

However, the skyrocketing price of lemons triggers a meme-fest over social media. Have a look at Nimbu-memes trending over social media.

Nimbu-memes treading over social media

The meme was created from the famous sitcom Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, where Maya Sarabhai, an upper-middle-class family, expects her middle-class Bahu Monisha to be constantly donned in sophistication. Therefore, there is a pet dialogue of hers. She often compares some middle class and upper-middle-class habits.

The famous film 3 idiots inspired the meme. There is a scene where Raju’s mom rants about inflation in the country. And we cannot agree with her more.

The picture was captured at some political event in India when one of the party workers tried to sneak out from the corner to get into the picture. This viral pic has tickled many funny bones on various occasions fitting in different situations. And it justified the situation well here also. The viral meme showcases other items that inflated to no extent.

We got it now why Sameer left Nandani in the 1999 release ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. Wrong timing, Nandani!

Remember Guddu Bhaiya from Mirzapur jinko chahiye full izzat! Ab nimbu ko bhi chahiye. We had often ignored this ingredient, but now Lemon demands some respect. Now they cannot tolerate getting free with other veggies.

This summer, we cannot even say keep calm and sip lemonade. So, how about having Roohafza and keeping the heat at bay.

What are your favourite Nimbu-memes? Are you a meme creator? Send it to us, and who knows, your meme gets a shoutout on our page.

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