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News Famed With Fake Claim, Do Not Fall From Them

Here are the news with fake claims. Also read the truth behind the false story

The month of November is here and we are again piled with fake news, fake claims and misleading content. Therefore, it is very important to start month with truth buster. 

Here are the news with fake claims. Also read the truth behind the false story. 

Pakistan Zindabaad’ slogan by Indian woman!

Fake Claim: Recently, India lost a T20 World cup match against Pakistan, which was held in Dubai. Since then, many controversies have flared up over Indians celebrating Pakistan’s win. After the match, videos of people celebrating Pakistan’s victory and chanting Pro-Pakistani slogans especially in India were circulated on social media. Against the same backdrop, many videos and photos were circulated on social media in which a woman is raising the ‘Pakistan Zinda baad’ slogan and claims to hail from Gujarat, India.

Truth: The truth of the video and photos took us back to 2.5 years. In the year 2019, during the ICC world cup held in the UK, an Indian origin UK-based resident woman raised a pro-Pakistan slogan.

Boy beaten for raising pro-Pakistan slogan!   

Fake Claim: A picture of a boy is viral on social media who suffered some injuries. In the viral photo, a severe injury around the eye area can be seen. It is claimed that this boy was among the 90 Kashmiri students who were beaten up for celebrating Pakistan’s victory. 

Truth: The viral claim is false. While going through the Facebook comments, it was found that a person named Xearu Jangid Badri commented on one such post that the post is fake and the guy in the viral image is his friend named Rahul. He mentioned that the picture is from 2016 when he met an accident. To prove, he also posted a WhatsApp chat screenshot in which a collage can be seen, including the viral picture. The picture also mentioned a Facebook account named Rahul Kumar. 

Bomb blast on the station, 2 terrorists arrested, caused ruckus!

Fake Claim: A video showing armed forces personnel surrounding a bus is viral on social media claiming that they have arrested terrorists carrying a bomb. The video shows the armed personnel pinning down 2 disguised men from a bus and later taken in a police vehicle with security. The video also shows policemen interacting with bystanders who were filming the incident on their phones. 

Truth: The viral claim is false. A YouTube channel, ‘City News Paratwada’, uploaded the video report on 14 October on the mock drill. The video report is titled in Hindi, “Bomb blast on the station, 2 terrorists arrested, caused ruckus.In the video, at the 4:40 mark, the reporter asks a police officer about the incident. The policeman replied in the Marathi that it was a mock drill meant for public awareness that what should be done in such a scenario. 

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Hurricane Shaheen on the shores of Oman!

Fake Claim: A video showing cyclone on a coast was shared as Hurricane Shaheen on the shores of Oman. 

Truth: This is false. A CGI (computer-generated image) art video went viral as Hurricane Shaheen. This video is from 2019, taken in the month of May.

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Muslim boy tries to intoxicate Hindu girl! 

Fake Claim: CCTV footage is shared on social media with communal colours. In the viral video, a boy and a girl can be seen sitting in a restaurant.  After some time, the girl gets up and walks away for some work. Meanwhile, the boy added some suspicious element in the girl’s drink and all this was witnessed by a woman. But hotel staff did not let the girl drink the diluted liquid. The viral video claims that this all was done to rape the Hindu girl and the boy was Muslim. 

Truth: Here is the truth. This video is fictional and meant for awareness purposes. A social media user Hamsa Nandani uploaded this video and captioned, “You could be next! Please be aware that this page features scripted dramas and parodies as well. These short films are for educational purposes only”.  

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