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News Reader vs News Anchor: Everything a Media Aspirant need to know

News Reader VS News Anchor: What all you should know if you want to become Anchor? 

Reading and Comprehensively Reading with analysis are two different acts. The statement above justifies the title. Media being as a profession is flourishing across the globe. There are thousands of students aspiring to become a journalist and specifically news anchors. But a lot of time students get confused between News Anchor and News Reader.

News Reader VS News Anchor

As the word suggests newsreader is the one who simply reads the news for the viewers or the listeners whereas a news anchor processes the news journalistically before dictating it to the audience. The responsibilities of a news reader are different from that of a news anchor. A news anchor needs to know the dynamics and intensity of the news. The news is solely processed by the news anchor getting to know all the details of the story.

(News Anchor VS News Reader)

 Responsibilities of a News Anchor

Unlike the anchor, a news reader simply reads the headlines for the audience. An Anchor has a responsibility to anchor news to the audience which means the anchor will treat news like a programme. The anchor knows the nuances of every breaking news or just news. A news reader gets a precisely written script, on the other, the news anchor prepares the package on their own.

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The news anchor knows the live application to news which comes with experience. Earlier, a news reader would record the bulletin beforehand and then it went on air, this has a scope of retake for all fumbles and mistakes. But the scenario is completely different when it comes to live shows where the anchor needs to be spontaneous and smart. A news anchor has to be updated with all that is going on around and is newsworthy so that they can broadcast it in no time.


A news reader is a profession introduced long back but now everyone is updated and people understand the aspects of journalism. A news Anchor participates in all the activities of a newsroom from the news being picked by a reporter or a stringer till the processing of it. Every student who wants to make his or her career into media. It is important for them to understand the basic difference between News Reader and News Anchor.

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