Ring In The New Year With Your Special Someone and Make Your Night Special

Celebrating New Year with beau? Here are a few ideas to try and make the night even more interesting!

The new year is a time of hope. The day is full of opportunities, new experiences, plans, promises of dreams and goals. It is also a great time to spend time with your loved ones, have fun and enjoy as we welcome the new year and make great plans for our future.

If you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve tradition for you and your beau, it’s time to set the mood and make some plans. From booking a private vacation and kissing in the middle of the night, to revisiting the first date or snowboarding at night, there are plenty of ideas to help start the new year magically.

Go for a treasure hunt for your Midnight Kiss.

This idea is for a fun and suspense loving couple and presents a real challenge. Create a series of clues on cards and jokes to link together and spread them throughout the house or even the city. Whether you’re preparing a New Year’s kiss, your favourite dessert, or a beautifully decorated room to celebrate the New Year, lead your partner for a special treat.

New year

Spend the night cooking your favourite dishes.

Cooking together is a totally surefire way to heat things up. Communication can be enhanced as they depend on each other to finish a great meal. Reward yourself because you deserve it and cook your favourite dishes. Pop some champagne or a glass of cold red wine, play some relaxing music and whet your appetite! If you want to challenge yourself, prepare different things with the same ingredients in a limited amount of time!

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Spend New Year’s Eve camping under the stars. 

Whether in your own backyard or at the campground of your choice, this is a great way to enjoy each other’s company and spark an evening of festivities.

If you decide to camp, you need to focus on both of you and the full potential the new year will bring. That means finding ways to disconnect from the rest of the world, stay away from technology, and spend quality time together. Listening to the radio and chatting, playing cards or dice, roasting marshmallows, and cooking other food if the campfire can be lit. Above all, being together at this moment.

New year

Break plates to bring good luck

Get a tip from the Danes and take part in this New Year’s Eve tradition. At midnight, Danes have been known to break cups or plates together to symbolize good luck in the new year. You and your partner can partake in this tradition and ring the new year in.

Relive your first date

There must be a reason why that first date is magical, right? In the end, it brought you both to where you are today. Re-experience the magic and events that started it all. You can even recreate something similar at home or you can do so by going to the same restaurant or movie theatre or combining items like a shared meal or a bottle of wine.

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Share personal goals and make some new resolutions together as a couple.

It is important to try to do better in the new year, but it is also important to think ahead about relationships. This idea may be more difficult if you start out as a couple. But if you two have been together for a long time and are able to see each other in the future, then it will be fun to make New Year’s resolutions together.

New year

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