Offbeat party ideas for New Year’s Eve

Offbeat party ideas that you can try if you don’t want to step out on December 31st! 

Our idea of a quintessential party is- drinks, loud music, and food. But, not everyone likes and enjoys these things. We need to encourage a culture where more “other” ideas of partying are entertained and probably celebrated. Here are 10 offbeat party ideas for New Year’s Eve, take a look:

Here are a few not so quintessential party ideas, take a look: 

1. House party

Just get some friends over, watch a movie, make popcorn, the order in food and have a fun night.

2. Board games!

We need to relive those childhood days, where we could sit for hours and play something like monopoly and UNO. A very nostalgic party indeed.

3. Camping

It is a great idea to go out somewhere, and camp in tents. Let’s live away from the city light and traffic just for a while.

4. Cooking night

Get all your friends over, then all of you cook your favorite meals together. “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? We don’t think so.

5. Potluck Party

This is where everyone decides to bring different food and meet in one place and share a large scrumptious meal.

6. Movie Marathon

With this age of Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime, having a movie or a series marathon is not a bad idea. No more going through the pain of renting DVDs.

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7. Amusement Park!

No matter how childish it may sound, amusement parks are truly a good deal for everyone. The rides, food, water slides are all at your disposal, what else is needed.

8. Try some Mystery Room

Get a big group and go to one of these mystery rooms where you have to solve puzzles to get out!

9. Karaoke

Sing along to your favorite songs with the people you love.

10. Adventure sports

Get some adrenaline going and enjoy some daring activities.

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