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Amid Coronavirus MoH releases new workplace guidelines, read them before joining!  

New guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health to be followed strictly at the workplaces

The Pandemic has caught the world off guard and has made the world on a standstill mode. There are many studies suggesting that humans have to adjust with this disease, there might not be any proper cure to it, and many medicinal companies are working day and night to get the vaccine for this disease. There is a possibility for anything, we may find a cure in months, or it may take more than a year, or humans may have to adjust to this disease. It’s just a matter of time to know what it is that we have to compromise or sacrifice to get rid of this virus. This disease has become more dangerous due to the lockdowns, economy has collapsed, mental health has taken a record, so on and so forth.

The Indian government has provided a lot of relaxations in the lockdown 4.0 also guidelines have been provided for the companies to follow for the safety of the people. The Ministry of Health has provided detailed guideline amid coronavirus and these rules must be strictly followed by all the employees.

What are the new guidelines

Covering the face using masks is mandatory.

The physical distance of at least one meter is to be followed all the time.

Washing hands frequently: washing hands for 40-60 sects frequently even if your hands are not visibly dirty.

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Use of Alcohol-based sanitizers.

Respiratory etiquette: One should cover his mouth and nose with tissue, handkerchief, or by the elbow while sneezing/coughing.

Self-monitoring and report any illness at the earliest possible.

Some Preventive measures for the offices have also been given

Any employee reportedly suffering from flu-like illness should not attend office

Any employee diagnosed with covid-19 should inform the office immediately

Any employee requesting home quarantine based on the containment activities in his residential areas should be allowed to work from home.

If any employee sharing a room with someone and has been found positive for covid-19, place him in a room or area where he can be in isolation from other employees at the workplace.

What if anyone is found positive in the office?

If a case is found, the disinfection procedure should be done in the area that the patient has visited in the last 48 hours and there is no need to close the entire office building or halting the work at other office areas, after disinfecting the area as per laid procedure work can be resumed.  In case if there is a larger outbreak then the office will be closed down for 48 hours and the employees will work from home till the office is adequately disinfected and is declared fit for work.

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