The New Vocabulary of 2020 we all have become accustomed to

All the new words that 2020 has given us

2020 is the year which would be known as the pandemic year for the whole world. The year happened to be a roller coaster ride and we happened to live a completely different experience, certainly in fear of physical contact and the Coronavirus. But while people were having this new experience, there are some really interesting vocabularies that people happened to develop during this period and here is the list of the most favourite words, hand picked by One World news.


The New Vocabulary of 2020 we all have become accustomed to now


Vocabulary from the Quarantine Family


Quarantine – The word essentially means isolating oneself and restricting any movement to meet and come in contact with people. And the COVID pandemic is just what it has been all about. So, agree or disagree, we used this word a lot this year.


Quaranteam – A term which happened to be used for a group of people who would want to team up to quarantine together.


Quarantini – Certainly an alcoholic beverage one would drink when they would have been in self-isolation or in quarantine. One may say it like, here is my quarantine for my WFH routine.


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WFH – And since we just talked about it, the ‘Work From Home’. When almost the whole working class happened to be working from their home, WFH became the new normal.


New normal – And yet another new word that we added to our dictionaries this year, ‘New Normal’. Essentially meaning the new thing which has become normal. For 2020, it was the social distancing which became the new normal.


Social Distancing – So, here we shoot the next term, Social distancing. Maintaining a distance of 2 feet is what the social distancing suggests. In the times of Coronavirus spread, social distancing becoming the new norm.


The Corona/ covid family


Coronacoaster – Adapted from the roller coaster, the term, coronacoaster refers to the ups and downs of the pandemic. One can say, I am on a coronacoaster ride, I am liking the work from home in one moment and missing the office in the second.


Coronials – A term that would be referring to the kids who came in the mother’s womb during the lockdown and managed to grow in the womb during the coronavirus pandemic.


Covidiot – Not a literal idiot but a person who is not using the brain to take the precautions for COVID-19.


Lockdown – Certainly the most famous word for the world, especially during the early stage of the pandemic. The word is seen so famously that it is being used with pandemic by people.


Zoombombing – An intrusion in the video call, which did happen during the pandemic. This instance is known as someone is zoombombing the session.


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