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US changes immigration rules, here is how Indian students will be affected?

Looking at universities availing online classes, US makes certain changes in the US

The United States government announced on Monday that students might have to leave the United States or risk deportation if their respective universities move class entirely online for the upcoming semester. The new rule says that students who are attending schools offering in-person class can stay in the US but cannot take more than three credit hours online or one class.

What the new regulations mean for Indian students in the US

The new regulations by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement will lead to Indian students returning home whose schools or programs are offering only online class till the fall semester. However, these students can stay back if they choose to change school which is offering in-person classes.

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Students who returned to India during the break out of global pandemic and are enrolled in entirely online classes won’t be able to return to the United States for the time being. Also, some students who were to get admission in the year 2020-21 will also have to stay home and take online classes.

There are some universities in the US which are offering a hybrid blend of in-person and online classes for the fall semester. Students enrolled in these courses will be allowed to stay in the US. And students who returned to India due to COVID-19 will be able to get a VISA from the US authorities to return back. These students will be allowed to take three credit hours online or more than one class.

Universities need to certify the US government about the students

However, the universities will have to certify the US government that these students are not taking part in an entirely online class load for the fall semester which begins in September and ends in December. Universities will also have to certify that these students are taking the minimum number of online classes required in a degree programme.

This exemption is not valid for students with F-1 visa students in English language training programmes for students with M-1 visa who are not allowed to enrol in any online courses. Students with M-1 visas pursue vocational coursework while students with F-1 visas pursue academic coursework while studying in the US.

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