New Song of Super 30 ‘Basanti No Dance’ releases and conveys an important message

Basanti No Dance
Basanti No Dance Song

Basanti No Dance puts the idea that a language cannot decide the calibre of a person

A new song “Basanti No Dance” from Super 30 released and we are so thankful that a song named Basanti is not at all about female objectification. The song is quirky and tries to put the idea that a language cannot decide the calibre of a person.

Hrithik Roshan shared the quirky song on his twitter account

The makers launched the song at 12:00 PM today which was immediately shared by Hrithik Roshan on twitter. The 45-year-old actor wrote “अंग्रेजी का डर हटाओ। क्यूँकि ऐसे बहुत से दरवाजे हैं दुनिया में जो सिर्फ इसीलिए नहीं खुलते क्यूँकि लोग ‘May I come in’ नहीं कह पाते” (Get rid of the fear of English because there are many doors which don’t open for just this reason, that few people couldn’t say ‘May I come in’)

The song starts with the skit over tackling the English language challenge and develops into a very different Holi song.  The students of Anand Kumar’s Super 30 are dancing and running away from the fear of English.

The is third single from the movie which has quirky lyrics and music

The is third single from the movie which has been sung by Prem Areni, Janardan Dhatrak, Divya Kumar & Chaitally Parmar and choreographed by Ganesh Acharya.  Music has been composed, arranged and produced by Ajay Atul and penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

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Super 30 is biographical drama based on the inspiring story of genius mathematician Anand Kumar and his educational program Super 30. The movie features Hrithik Roshan, Pankaj Tripathi and Mrunal Thakur in the lead roles. It has been directed by Vikas Bahl and written by Sanjeev Dutta.

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