New PM of UK Boris Johnson says “India will be priority”

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

Newly appointed PM of UK Boris Johnson assures Brexit on October 31

Boris Johnson officially became the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Wednesday. Johnson in the very first speech after becoming PM promised to leave the European Union on October 31. He said there will be “No Ifs and No Buts” on Brexit this time.

Boris Johnson who spearheaded the Leave campaign in 2016 Brexit referendum talked about the new trade deals with India. He said “We will strike a new trade deal with India which will deliver prosperity, growth and jobs.  He wants to build “personal relationship” with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a special bilateral relationship

Queen Elizabeth invited Boris Johnson to form a government after May’s resignation

The former foreign secretary was formally appointed by Queen Elizabeth II just before former Prime Minister Theresa May resignation from the post.

The 55-year-old Johnson set out his mission statement and said that the vote to leave European Union must be respected proving “the doubters, the doomsters and the gloomsters” wrong.

Speaking outside of Downing Street Office, he was said that he will look for a new deal with Brussels. He added that he will fulfill the promises of parliament by leaving the European Union. “We will restore the democracy in the state and will complete the mission within 99 days which he has before 31 October.” Said Johnson.

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Johnson became the 3rd Prime Minister after the Brexit referendum

Johnson became the 14th Prime Minister who was appointed by the 93-year-old monarch Queen Elizabeth II. He is also the 55th Prime Minister overall in the history of England and third after the referendum in 2016. David Cameron and Theresa May were the other two resigned from their post after not delivering on the Brexit issue.

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