New mommies here is all you need to know about Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Tips that every mum should know!

Becoming mother is the most beautiful feeling in this world. A journey from someone’s daughter to mother of a daughter is just amazing. We even can’t imagine when a woman holds her own baby in her arms for the first time after the pain of 9 months. Not everyone can understand the array of emotions that run through a new mother. From feeling elated and joyful to suddenly drowning into self-doubt and fear, a new mother’s experiences can be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time. Many new mothers’ start suffering from different disorders too.

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This phase is an exciting time because of the newness of the experience, but it is also a time of great uncertainty. One of the first things that worries almost all mothers is their inability to breastfeed their child. There is an assumption that breastfeeding, which is one of the most natural things in the world, should come easily.

But when women are unable to do so, it brings them great amounts of frustration and inadequacy, which, in turns make their newly mother experience dreadful. It’s not easy to be a mother and it’s definitely not easy to breastfeed your child. You need a lot of support and some knowledge in this area to keep your child well fed and strong. So, if you are also a new mommy and still struggling with Breastfeeding here are easy and simple steps you can start with.

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1. Babies are always good at giving hints: Try to listen to your baby’s cue. They are very good at giving signals by touching your nipples or putting their hands in mouth. So, always keep looking for these signals so that you can know that baby is hungry.

2. So, second way is skin to skin: Newborns instinctively have a heightened sense of smell so placing your baby skin to skin helps him or her seek out the nipples to begin breastfeeding.

3. As a mother drink maximum liquid and stay well hydrated so that it gets easier for your body to make more milk. Drink maximum water.

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4. So, happiness is the ultimate solution to your problem: To be able to feed your child, the mother needs to be devoid of any stress. The happier the mother of the more milk she will be able to produce. So, avoid taking tensions.

5. As a mummy you need a very strong and good support system too: Breastfeeding sometimes can make moms nervous but a good support system will always help her feed her child on time. Mothers need support not on from the family but from the society too.

6. Don’t introduce bottles or pacifiers to the kid until he or she strops Breastfeeding completely, else the kid will simply stop drinking your milk. This is not good for his or her health.

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