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New India, Cricket And Politics: How everything has now come down to Trolling?

New India, Cricket and Politics: India lost to Pakistan for the first time in a world cup match & how we have made things bitter ever than before!

On 24th October 2021, history was created when the Pakistan team defeated the Indian team for the very first time in a World Cup Match. This was also the first time in history when India lost a World Cup match by a total of  10 wickets. Fans could not believe how this happened. Today, everything has come down to trolling. Though many people came out in support of India, the trollers went on to target Anushka Sharma, Mohammad Shami, MS Dhoni, and others. There was so much hatred that left us thinking -Why is New India full of hate? The scenario was not the same a few years back and sports was taken as just a game. Today, we are decoding New India, Cricket and Politics and how this hatred will one day leave nothing for us, but ‘Regret’.

 Why losing a game was such a big deal? Why can’t we normalise Failure?

However, this is not the first time India has lost. It has lost matches numerous times in numerous tournaments. But why is this defeat so bitter? Could it be possible that it might be due to the biased opinion India has about Pakistan? Could it be due to the tense political relationship between the two countries? Has that poisoned the spirit of the sport Cricket?

It is a known fact that the sport has suffered amid the rivalry of the two countries. Whenever tensions rise between the two countries, the first thing that happens is that the matches between India and Pakistan are suspended. This has happened numerous times. And even if they are resumed, the players of the team that lost are met with extreme reactions from the public. Instances of violent clashes have often been reported after important matches between the two. In fact, it has also been reported that many players have had violent receptions in their country after a defeat.

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But amid all this, it must be understood that after all, it’s just a game. No political decisions are taken on its basis. Cricket is just a game and sometimes we win but sometimes we lose too. Why is it a big deal? It should not be made into the chaos it becomes. The hatred and opinions people of both countries harbour against each other should not take such a violent and shameful turn. 

On top of the intense cricket rivalry between the two countries, the attack on the team members of both teams is atrocious. And this violent behaviour is also somehow projected onto the people of Kashmir. After the loss of India, some Kashmiri students in Punjab colleges were attacked by students from UP.

The Indian team too was badly trolled on social media. Md. Shami, who bowled the last over, has been trolled terribly since. However, many players and many fans have come out in support of the Indian team and Md Shami.

Former Indian player, Virendra Sehwag came out in support of Shami and tweeted-

“The online attack on Mohammad Shami is shocking and we stand by him. He is a champion and Anyone who wears the India cap has India in their hearts far more than any online mob. With you Shami Agle match mein dikado jalwa.”

And indeed it is true. The Indian team gave their best. And it must be understood that records like these do not last forever. This was bound to happen, if not with this team, then some other. The outrage in India on losing a match is a bit too much.

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