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Netizens call for Big Boss boycott for objectifying women

Female Bigg Boss contestants were seen seducing Sidharth Shukla

If you are not a regular viewer of Bigg Boss you might be wondering why people are trending #BoycottBiggBoss14 on social media and what went wrong in the house. The show never fails to make headlines and is probably one of the most-watched reality shows in the country. The recent promo of Bigg boss has irked a lot of social media users. Women in the house were given the task of seducing Sidharth Shukla to get immunity.

At first, on the Wednesday episode, the girls of the house were asked to woo and seduce Sidharth Shukla in one of the three tasks that were given to them to get their immunity. In the first task, Sidharth Shukla turned into a tattoo artist and girls became his customers. The girls were asked to talk to the tattoo artist seductively and impress him to be safe in the Bigg Boss.

Next day, promo for the next episode was released. Sidharth was on a quadbike and girls were cleaning it seductively by putting dirt and water on themselves. The promo video didn’t go well with the social media users as many of them felt that it was promoting vulgarity and objectifying women. Since then the netizens have been demanding ban and boycott of the Bigg Boss 14.

Here are some of the tweets where Twitter users are slamming the show and Colors channel

One of the users, Asjad Nazir wrote, “Putting raunchy scenes into #BiggBoss14 and objectifying the female contestants is stupid and unnecessary, especially in the current climate in India where attacks on women are on the rise. Just saw one promo and it made me sick.”

Another user wrote “@ColorsTV we witness so many rape cases everyday and this is what you are promoting? objectifying women on NTV for a “task”? Its time that we should raise our voice against it and #BoycottBB14

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sidharth Shukla, along with Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan, has entered the Bigg boss as the seniors. In the controversial promo, Pavitra Punia, Nikki Tamboli, Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin were seen seducing Sidharth. While the girls were seducing, the housemates from the sidelines were cheering them.  Of course, none of the male participants are expected to do the same.

We Indians are big hypocrites.  At one end, we shout for equal rights and want women to be respected and taken seriously. On the other end, we let the TV and film industry to define feminine stature.

Yes, the portrayal of women in these reality shows, movies and serials are downright demanding? Do you think that the producer will show you these if you don’t watch them? It’s not just the fault of show makers or filmmakers that women are objectified, it is the fault of viewers too. It is high time and we should not just raise voice on social media and forget the cause after a few days. We need to protest against these content regularly.

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The question of sexual objectification and commodification of women have been raised several times in the entertainment industry but every time, the topic gets brushed aside without a second thought.

One of the main reasons is because we have become accustomed to these raunchy and indecent jibes that our actresses are a part of.

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