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‘Unsafe Quarantine’ a big concern during COVID 19, Nepal witness a peaceful protest

People are protesting against ‘Unsafe Quarantine’ & seeking answers from the government

The outbreak of Coronavirus has brought things to a standstill all across the globe. No country in the world has been left untouched. Be it India, Nepal or any other nation, the worst condition has taken a financial and health toll on the migrants.

The pandemic has raised another big concern – ‘Unsafe Quarantine’. There were so many incidents reported in India. Now, the citizens of Nepal protested against the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Protestors were carrying banners talking about Unsafe Quarantine. They demanded better testing facilities and greater transparency in government’s spending. Police fired water cannons after 500 protestors gathered.

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Complete lockdown was imposed in the country on March 24, and it is scheduled to run till June 14. After the lockdown, thousands of migrant workers have returned to Nepal from India and the Middle East.

Notably, Nepal has reported 213 new coronavirus cases. The nationwide tally reached upto 4,085.  So far, 15 deaths have been reported. 584 people have recovered from the virus.

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