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On Neeraj Kadamboor finding Sanghis Hot: Why are woke liberals receiving hate?

Hate flows for Neeraj Kadamboor for misperceived hate sex intentions towards Sanghi women

Neeraj Kadamboor speaks of finding Sanghis hot on a clubhouse discussion, receiving hate for misperceived ‘hate sex’ intentions

In a clubhouse discussion, titled, “Do we only date hot people?’ Neeraj Kadamboor when asked if he only dates hot people, said, “No, I date all kinds of people but on the dating apps, I sometimes thirst for very hot Sanghi types just for fun.” Post this, an audio recording of the clubhouse discussion surfaced on different social media platforms. He has now being called out for having hate sex intentions with Sanghi women.

Here’s the audio clip –

This clubhouse discussion had approximately 8000 members listening to the conversation, influencers like Kusha Kapila, Aishwarya Subramanyam, etc were present there. Social media has been calling them out for being woke liberals promoting ‘rape culture’. Let’s dissect on what basis.

Was Neeraj Kadamboor targeting Sanghi women?

Among the many controversies flooding over the internet, the first one remains to perceive Sanghi people as Sanghi women. Neeraj Kadamboor used the term, ‘Sanghis’ which is a gender-neutral term. It is now known that Neeraj Kadamboor is a gay person, and his intentions could, in any way not be targeting Sanghi women.

Neeraj Kadamboor is perceived to have hate sex intentions

Neeraj Kadamboor has said that he finds Sanghis more attractive. And that he finds people with opposite ideologies attractive is also very clear from the audio that is being propagated. His intentions are of hate sex are nowhere there.

Besides, Aishwarya Subramanyam, who was there in the Clubhouse discussion, on her Instagram story shared the definition of hate sex. There, she shared professor Craig Jackson from Birmingham City University views on hate sex, that mentions, hate sex can be an “ambiguous term and refers to a myriad of scenarios”… “Do bear in mind that while hate sex may take an aggressive form, like all other types of sex, it still needs to be fully consensual.

On Neeraj Kadamboor finding Sanghis Hot

So, basically, as per the definition, hate sex is consensual, and can’t be kept parallel to rape in any conception.

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Kusha Kapila’s photograph is being used on the Thumbnail of articles by media organization (s) reporting the incident

It is reported that Kusha Kapila was present in the clubhouse discussion, but she didn’t utter a word in the audio recording. Kusha Kapila has tweeted questioning for why has her face being used on the thumbnail. And raised concerns that she could be at the receiving end of rape threats and hence, tagged National Commission of Women there itself.

Followed by this, Kusha Kapila did end up receiving rape threats and has been sharing screenshots of receiving rape threats on her Instagram.

Well, for very obvious reasons, anything that is not consensual can’t be justified by any means, be it for Sanghi, Sanghi women or men, or any other person. Sexual violence of any form for any reason can’t be justified. But a closer analysis of the recording can give a clear idea that whatever the conversation is about, it is simply not glorifying or normalizing sexual violence against Sanghis or any person.

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