All you need to do post Diwali to maintain your diet and skincare

Diet and Skincare tips you need to follow after Diwali

The festivities and preparations of Diwali have most probably left your skin tired and dehydrated. So, it is important to focus on your skin after all the Diwali festivities.

Treating yourself with the essential oils and regular work-out sessions can further help you get a glow on your skin even after the festival is over, says an expert. So you to help you out we are here with some essential diet and skincare tips.

maintain your diet and skincare
Diet and skincare schedule
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    • As the festive season will keep you on the move, wrap up your skincare routine with a smear of good sunscreen. Use some powerful UV protection which would further fight free radicals and keeps your skin ever glowing.
    • Try treating your skin with Vitamin E and essential oil rich creams and oils which would protect skin Remember to complete your intake of water of 8-10 glasses which is the best remedy for a glowing skin.
    • Follow your grandmother’s recipe of a healthy scrub bath on the morning of Diwali. Experience the richness of some shea, olive and xemenia which would have rich oils and will hydrate the skin. They help in exfoliating the dead skin cells and stimulating the blood-circulation, which would give a fresh look to the skin.
maintain your diet and skincare
Post Diwali Skincare Tips
  • With an extremely busy schedule wherein you need to shop, socialize, also clean your house, attend pre Diwali parties; you should not compromise with your health and your body. Do not break your workout routine so that you do not regret later on once the festive season is over. It will further help you save a lot of make-up as your skin will glow naturally. 
  • It might look like a very cruel advice for the festive season, but it is very much important to keep the consumption of sweets in your control. An over dosage of fried and sugary foods can lead to breakouts, weight gains, dull looking skin and a lot of allergies too.
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